RDK Melanoma Foundation and Astreea Team Up to Strike Out Sunburns at Citizens Bank Ballpark

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Richard David Kann (RDK) Melanoma Foundation is partnering with Astreea to offer fans free sunscreen at Citizens Bank Ballpark, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. 12 sunscreen-filled Astreea pedal dispensers have been placed in high-traffic locations throughout the stadium. 

There is nothing like catching a game on a beautiful day, but many underestimate the danger of sun exposure.  1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their lives, and just one blistering sunburn before the age of 18 more than doubles the chances of developing skin cancer.

The RDK Melanoma Foundation’s mission is to save lives through education on the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, specifically Melanoma. Working with both Astreea and the Phillies, the Foundation is providing thousands of fans with access to SPF 50 sunscreen along with information on sun-safe behavior via a QR code featured on each Astreea dispenser.

"We want everybody in the Stadium to be covered with sunscreen during games," said Mike Schmidt, MLB Hall of Famer and 1980 World Series Champion. "The Phillies, myself, and the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation want to hit a home run with this project!"

Astreea dispensers are durable, hygienic, and weatherproof, making them perfect for use at Citizens Bank Ballpark. Each dispenser features a full-color design plus an integrated sign to attract attention and promote usage. And with its high-capacity reservoir and mechanical operation, staff members will find these dispensers incredibly easy to maintain.

"The RDK Foundation has been working locally and nationally for over 26 years, and we are ecstatic to continue providing communities with sun protection and education with our new partner, Astreea," said RDK founder, Debbie Schwarzberg. "These new eco-friendly sunscreen dispensers are the future of the Foundation, and we look forward to working with Astreea to continue fulfilling our mission!"

Astreea sunscreen dispensers are available at https://rdk.shopastreea.com. 15% of all purchases from this site go directly to the RDK foundation. This partnership was developed in conjunction with The Erlick Group, a leading New York-based sponsorship agency.  

About Astreea
Astreea creates innovative products and services that solve common challenges related to sunscreen and hand sanitizing programs. The company started by building the world’s most popular pedal dispenser line, with sizes ranging from Small to XXL. Engineered by an aerospace manufacturer, Astreea’s hand sanitizer dispensers are truly unique, as they are mechanically operated and require no assembly, batteries, or maintenance. In addition, every dispenser is covered by a lifetime warranty. Learn more at: https://shopastreea.com/

About the RDK Melanoma Foundation
The RDK Melanoma Foundation is focused on three chief initiatives. The first is growing the Students Against Melanoma (SAM Club) network of college, high school, and middle school students around the country, encouraging them to educate their peers and families on the importance of sun safety. RDK is also in the process of developing a 45-minute long scripted, interactive, and fun educational experience that will be presented once a year to elementary and middle schools in and around Palm Beach County, Florida. Lastly, the Foundation is excited to continue its dispenser initiative with Astreea to strategically place as many sunscreen dispensers as possible anywhere people plan on being outdoors for an extended period. Learn more at:  https://melanomafoundation.com/

Jenique Crawley
Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation


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