Rapid-Ease Is Ideal for Workout Warmups and Recovery

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áRapid-Ease is a tool designed for weekend warriors, CrossFitters, gym rats, and any other fitness fanatics who are seriously committed to their exercise regimen. The botanical topical delivers safe, fast-acting pain relief and is ideal for both warming up and cooling down. The winter is one of the most essential times of the year when Rapid-Ease can make a serious difference in keeping individuals healthy and fit in spite of the cold-weather risk of injury.

Colder temperatures present a variety of challenges to anyone who’s trying to stay fit. On the one hand, if people continue to go outside to jog or ride a bike, the chilly weather can wreak havoc on their limbs. Muscle fibers constrict, joint movement is restricted, and the added strain makes it easier for injuries to pop up.

Even if one heads indoors to the warmer environment of a gym, it’s important that they take steps to avoid hurting themselves. A trip to the gym often involves driving in an ice-cold car both before and after exercise. This creates scenarios where muscles can constrict and cramp.

Rapid-Ease founder, Kim Davies-Haycock, is proud of her company’s solution to both of these pre- and post-workout cold-weather concerns. The New Zealand brand’s revolutionary topical, Rapid-Ease, utilizes potent, proven therapeutic quantities of botanical ingredients, like Arnica flower and Comfrey leaf, to deliver fast-acting aid to strained or fatigued muscles.

"Warming rubs that increase blood flow, massage, and dynamic movement that mimic your exercise all work together to warm the muscles and joints up before movement," Davies-Haycock explains, adding that this trio of tools reduces the chance of injury much more than old-fashioned static stretching before a workout. She goes on to explain that "using Rapid-Ease as part of warm-up and post-workout routines really minimizes injury risk and decreases recovery time."

The principle holds true whether one is going for a run in the snow or heading to a warmer gym environment. In either case, navigating the transition from warm to cold and vice versa can lead to pulled muscles and cramps. Rapid-Ease offers a quick, safe, and effective way to both prep muscles for and guard them against the dangers presented by a cold-weather workout.

About Rapid-Ease: Rapid-Ease is the American offshoot of the New Zealand-based enterprise Nature’s Nurse. The company was founded by Kim Davies-Haycock over 15 years ago and specializes in using 100% natural ingredients at highly therapeutic levels to create topical pain relief remedies that are effective, fast-working, safe, and natural. Learn more about Rapid-Ease at rapid-ease.com.

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