Rapid-Ease Is Enabling Weekend Warriors to Find Sustained Success — Naturally

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid-Ease is a topical pain relief and healing cream used by a large variety of individuals for fast and effective pain relief. One demographic that has particularly benefited from the pain relief option is weekend warriors — a group that was in mind when the product was originally developed.

There are professionals, there are athletes, and then there are weekend warriors. The latter is a unique amalgamation of the previous two. As the name implies, weekend warriors are experts at working during the day and then passionately participating in their favorite sports on the nights and weekends.

Fitness fanatics of this nature can find themselves in a wide variety of environments. They might spend their Saturdays running marathons or spend every spare minute at the Crossfit Box or gym.

Whatever the activity, every weekend warrior knows how difficult it is to stay healthy during their aggressive-yet-limited exercise regimens. From pumping iron to 50-mile runs, those who are athletes in their spare time have to be careful to preserve their muscle and joint health.

That’s where Rapid-Ease can play a critical supporting role. It’s easy for someone to suffer an injury when they overexert themselves. Usually, these are musculoskeletal in nature, from bumps and bruises to joint sprains and muscle tears.

Most injuries require some sort of treatment to rehabilitate and help with the healing process. There are various ways to do this, but many have come under fire in recent years. Research shows that the R.I.C.E. protocol is not effective at all, as originally thought. NSAIDs have had well-known negative side effects for years, and they delay the natural healing process. Even hot rubs tend to irritate the skin and distract from underlying injury while providing minimal healing benefits.

Rapid-Ease takes a different approach. The topical pain relief and healing cream uses 100% natural ingredients, like full-strength Arnica flower, Comfrey leaf, MSM, Menthol, and Peppermint oil, to offer an effective, safe, and fast-working solution.

This can be used both for prevention and healing, making it ideal for those who engage in weekend warrior activities. In fact, Rapid-Ease was originally tested on tens of thousands of local marathon runners in the company’s native New Zealand.

Founder Kim Davies-Haycock would set up a booth at the end of a marathon and convince the gnarly, cynical runners to let her and her team rub down a single leg at a time. Then after a brief wait, compare it to the other leg to feel the difference. The results spoke for themselves, instantly creating converts who would continue to purchase the topical to help them recover faster after each grueling run. They would also use it to train harder and achieve better run times for their next event.

Rapid-Ease manages to achieve this outcome due to the strength of its ingredients. These are all used at proven therapeutic levels, with an incredible 17.75% of total actives. In addition, the ingredients absorb deeply and work together to enhance the healing process. "Rapid-Ease proves the old adage that the whole is sometimes greater than the sum of the parts," Davies-Haycock explains, adding that "Each of the active and base ingredients in Rapid-Ease works synergistically to provide multiple benefits, giving deeper absorption, faster pain relief and improved healing."

Rapid-Ease offers an effective pain management tool for any minor injuries that might occur on a night or weekend event. It also helps manage warm-up and cool-down activity faster and better than time consuming foam rolling. It’s pain relief that’s fast, effective, safe, and natural — and it helps you heal. In short, Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Cream is a weekend warrior’s best friend.

About Rapid-Ease: Rapid-Ease is the American offshoot of the New Zealand-based enterprise Nature’s Nurse. The company was founded by Kim Davies-Haycock over 15 years ago and specializes in using 100% natural ingredients at highly therapeutic levels to create topical pain relief remedies that are effective, fast-working, safe, and natural. Learn more about Rapid-Ease at rapid-ease.com.

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