Pure NZ Spring Water Is a Luxury Experience Available to Everyone

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pure NZ sources their mineral-rich spring water from an aquifer beneath their Pōkeno, New Zealand bottling plant, guaranteeing crisp, clean, and consistent water quality. Company president Tony Vesper says that his goal is to maintain a luxury bottled water experience while keeping prices generally low by maintaining an abundant supply of fresh spring water and an ease of production since the company bottles at the source to ensure quality.

Bottled water is often considered a luxury product not only for its taste and packaging but for the special qualities that make natural spring water so unique. That luxury appeal is also in part due to the fact that Pure NZ gets their water from an abundant and exclusive source, ensuring the same consistent freshness over time.

For instance, most natural spring water scores a perfect seven on the pH scale. The abbreviation pH stands for the power of hydrogen and indicates on a scale of one to fourteen, the acidity of a substance.

For the human body, drinking water that falls in the middle range, at a seven, is ideal. Other beverages, generally fall on the acidic end of the scale, as surprisingly does club soda and carbonated water. Keeping the body in good pH balance has been a major trend in the bottled water industry, and spring water does this with no effort at all since pure natural spring water is already neutral.

Another benefit to natural spring water is that it is packed with nutrients from the minerals underground, where it sits in one of the largest aquifers in the area. The minerals that Pure NZ’s spring water absorbs naturally are safe to drink and beneficial, adding back nutrients that other animals get from drinking out of springs and rivers, but with the cleanliness of a modern, sterile bottling plant.

Creating a consistently good product has been a major priority for Pure NZ since bottled water buyers are loyal when they find a brand that suits their taste. Pure NZ has had profound success in courting customers who have tried their water after drinking other brands of bottled water for years, and this swaying power is one of the aspects of their business that has allowed for their expansion overseas.

Pure NZ sells their water throughout New Zealand, as well as internationally, but for the first time since the company began more than ten years ago, they will be making their mineral-rich spring water available to customers within the United States.

The market for bottled water continues to expand and Pure NZ says that they are more than ready to rise to meet customer demands, with products available both for online ordering and in stores throughout the United States as early as 2020.

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