Pure NZ And the Benefits of Natural Spring Water

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Since their company first began, Pure NZ bottled water has been making headlines in their home market in New Zealand for their luxury quality bottled spring water. Bottled directly at the source, Pure NZ’s bottling facility is the largest, fastest, and most efficient in the country, capable of production of an incredible 30,000 bottles of spring water per hour. Bottling at the water source has been an effective way for Pure NZ to maximize their control over their water quality and shipment as they expand their business internationally. But what are the benefits of drinking pure, natural spring water, and what makes Pure NZ’s products so successful?

Water is important for every living creature on Earth. The human body is mostly made of water, and the brain needs to be well-hydrated in order to function. Natural spring water has in some instances been found to contain slightly more oxygen than other water sources, and drinking that spring water can help carry oxygen to cells in the body. Remaining well-hydrated can support every aspect of health, from cognitive function to increased metabolism; human beings need to stay hydrated.

Pure NZ isn’t just concerned with the health and satisfaction of their customers, but also the health of the planet. This is why as one of New Zealand’s largest purveyors of bottled spring water, Pure NZ knows that they have a responsibility to work towards environmental sustainability.

Pure NZ helps offset their environmental impact first by bottling on-site so there is less moving, trucking, and transport of their goods, cutting back on carbon emissions. Pure NZ also prides themselves on using 100% recycled plastic (rPET) in their best-selling products, reducing the creation of new plastic across the industry.

“While we know that making new plastic products is not environmentally friendly,” says Pure NZ founder Tony Vesper, “We are trying to cut back on our use of virgin plastics, so we wanted to make our Pure NZ Still water bottles with only recycled material.”

Through product quality, sustainability, and a wealth of industry knowledge, Pure NZ has been a leader in natural spring water for the past ten years. Now, their expansion into the United States retail market has fueled a year of growth for Pure NZ. Online ordering has been extremely popular for the bottled water industry as more people are trying to get all of their essentials from home.

Pure NZ spring water is currently available online through major retail sites, including Amazon.com

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