Promise Guru® Makes a Promise for Daily Wellness with Next-Gen Whole Health Tea & Botanical Blends

New company steeps a calming cup for today’s turmoil and uncertainty.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Promise Guru®, the enlightened way to experience wellness, is launching a collection of balancing tea and botanical blends to help journey the way through a growing feel of anxiety, uncertainty and stress.

“Today’s consumers are feeling increasingly unsettled and anxious,” said Promise Guru® founder Fred E. Tannous. “The stresses of the coronavirus pandemic, politics, polarization and melancholy, have taken a toll on Americans of all ages, with polls finding that Millennials and Gen Z-ers are facing struggles dealing with the negative impact on mental and physical health.”  Promise Guru® products offer a balancing daily dose of next-level support with natural ingredients designed to nourish and promote overall wellbeing. “Nurtured by Nature to optimize one’s true nature, our consciously-crafted blends are made with diverse teas, herbs, spices, and botanical superfoods offering benefits that can be enjoyed daily,” Tannous continued.

“In 2019 ‘B.C.’ (Before Covid) commodified wellness wants were avocado toast, two-thousand-dollar spin bikes and a drawer full of athleisure wear,” says strategic brander and tea industry veteran Stuart Avery Gold. “The after-effect of the pandemic has given us a perspective shift where self-care is the new healthcare. The offerings of Promise Guru® are a way to engage the new societal springboard desiring purposeful products that mitigate stress and anxiety and help support both body and mind.”

“With a mission to help make self-care a resonating priority, the new line of Promise Guru® products breathes a design aesthetic tailored with meaning in mind, relevant to a new generation who share their conversations around the digital campfire.” Gold added. “The company’s offerings are titled mantra riffs in text-speak shortened versions using digitally fluent abbreviations and acronyms that include, ELV8 Chocolate Truffle Tea for mood, CHIL Chamomile for inner balance and SUTH Turmeric for calm as part of the new line of 16 blends. These texttalkable titles help support an immediate relationship to the brand in this stressful time, with increasingly more digital natives turning to their micro-communities looking for something that might help support a healthy lifestyle.”

“Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world after water,” added Tannous. “On any given day, more than half of the American population drinks tea, according to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. At Promise Guru® our mission is to offer today’s generation of tea drinkers a more benefit-forward, crafted steep, fueled by tea’s reputed benefits of decreasing stress and boosting immunity for everyday wellness.”

About Promise Guru

Born out of a promise to make a promise, Promise Nutritionals, through its Promise Guru® brand, endeavors to inspire awareness for the harmonizing path that enlightened living can bring to mind, body & spirit. Promise Guru products are available on its website and through its Amazon store ( For further information contact Lindsey Nichols at or 800.785.6070

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