PPT®: A Meeting of Ways in the Divided Health World

Sinoveda’s Proprietary Pharmaceutical Platform Technology is Tapping into the Strengths of Both Eastern and Western Medicine

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The world of healthcare is vast, intricate, and often divided. Each culture and geographic area tends to focus on viable yet different approaches to health. Along with most others in the health field, Canadian health brand Sinoveda tends to see this dissonance represented in two primary categories: Eastern and Western medicine.

“Eastern and Western medicine each have their strengths and their weaknesses,” explains Sinoveda co-founder Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. “For instance, scientific precision is the great specialty of western medicine. And yet, often, this precision is applied to isolated ingredients and synthetic solutions. Eastern medicine taps into Nature’s organic healing power by focusing on natural, botanically-based solutions. This is good, but it’s often offset by a lack of quality that comes from using inaccurate and inconsistent ingredients. Sinoveda is filling the quality gap of Eastern medicine with Western precision.”

Dr. Nuzhat, her co-founder and husband Dr. Yun K. Tam, and the rest of their team have fused these Eastern and Western strengths into a singular new approach to health: Sinoveda’s innovative PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform Technology) platform. “The PPT® platform isolates, quantifies, and standardizes the bioactive elements in botanicals,” Dr. Nuzhat explains, adding that, unlike conventional Western approaches, the PPT® platform enables her company to develop products using combinations of natural compounds in uniquely standardized quantities. This allows for maximum therapeutic efficacy that consumers can count on with each and every batch, bottle, and dose of Sinoveda products that they use.

Sinoveda’s proprietary technology is effectively bringing Eastern and Western medicine together into a synergistic and novel range of health solutions that are rapidly gaining global notoriety. The brand’s topical pain reliever, Proflexa, has received resoundingly positive acclaim for its ability to quickly and naturally address pain. Its Effecti-Cal provides bone support through highly absorbable calcium, magnesium, and zinc salts (which uniquely don’t cause constipation). The company has many other products in development, and now that it has officially entered the U.S. health and wellness marketplace, its ground-breaking health solutions are available to American consumers, as well.

About Sinoveda

The name “Sinoveda” is derived from Chinese and Bangladeshi, the two cultures of the company’s founders, renowned pharmaceutical scientists and spouses Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Sinoveda was founded in 2006 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The health-science company utilizes its founders’ 50-plus years of combined experience in drug development to focus on R&D and further pharmaceutical progress, primarily through its proprietary vanguard PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform Technology). Learn more at sinoveda.com.

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