PowerBlock and NewsXPartners (NXP) Join Forces in Supporting Kids’ Health and Success

NewsXPartners Corporation has joined forces with PowerBlock, Inc. to support Action For Healthy Kids (AFHK), a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to empowering children to develop healthier minds and bodies. PowerBlock designs and makes adjustable, all-in-one dumbbell and kettlebell stacks used by professional athletes and everyday consumers alike across the United States.

NEW YORK, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) has announced a collaboration with PowerBlock, Inc., a manufacturer of adjustable dumbbell and kettlebell equipment, to support children’s well-being through charitable initiatives. This alliance supports Action For Healthy Kids (AFHK), a nonprofit grassroots organization that promotes holistic children’s health. AFHK strives to teach and help children build lifelong healthy habits, empowering them to become happy, healthy adults. [See full press release.]

For Michelle Titus, PowerBlock’s Director of Brand Marketing and E-Commerce, joining forces with NewsXPartners in service to AFHK was a natural outgrowth of her socially conscious inclination. “Our consumer base is very socially conscious, as are we,” she says. “As a company, we want to do more to leverage that interest in giving back. When NXP approached us, we sensed a great opportunity to do good by contributing our expertise and resources.”

PowerBlock’s innovative core product line consists of all-in-one, self-contained dumbbell sets that can be adjusted for lighter or heavier resistance with a simple shift of a pin. “There are many all-in-one dumbbell stacks out there,” Titus says, “but none have our slightly angled, isosceles trapezoid build. This patented design creates world-class durability. That’s why you’ll find PowerBlock products in the workout facilities of all major North American sports leagues.”

NewsXPartners Corporation (NXP) looks for stand-out companies, like PowerBlock, whose missions go beyond merely making money. It is a champion of numerous social and humanitarian causes.

Originally founded in 2006 to service the public relations and publicity demands of entrepreneurial and developmental-stage enterprises in the health and wellness industries in the Northeastern United States, NXP has since expanded internationally. Today, the firm operates noteworthy campaigns with businesses of all sizes, but its heart and soul still lie in the health and wellness industry.

NXP’s Media Director states, “We look for companies wanting to do some good in the world – to make lasting contributions with impacts beyond commerce. In PowerBlock, we see such a company. They produce superior products; it’s true. But just as importantly, they are genuinely a good corporate and social citizen.” [See full press release.]


NewsXPartners is an international publicity and public relations firm headquartered in New York.

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