Plant-based Medicine Expert and Founder of Goldthread Tonics, William Siff L.Ac, Presents a Compelling New Vision of the Modern Health and Wellness Lifestyle in His Upcoming Book “The Plant Medicine Protocol”

Published by Artisan Books, October, 10th 2023

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Siff invites readers to enjoy their way to optimal health using medicinal plants and step-by-step professional guidance in his signature protocol.

“In this book, the best travel photography meets amazing recipes and specific ways to reach optimal health. The Plant Medicine Protocol accomplishes the near impossible with the curation of ancient wisdom, delivered simply and entertainingly. William has given us something to keep as a manual in our kitchen while capturing our imaginations.”
—Gabby Reece, Professional Athlete, Author, and Entrepreneur

Medicinal plants contain vital nutrients and unique phytochemistry that accelerate healing and repair while encouraging essential body systems and cellular mechanisms to function better. William Siff, L.Ac has been practicing plant-based medicine clinically for over two decades, and has seen first hand the power of plants to create optimal health for individuals, communities and their environments.

In THE PLANT MEDICINE PROTOCOL: Unlocking the Power of Plants for Optimal Health and Longevity, Siff offers a groundbreaking protocol that is as effective as it is user-friendly. Providing the routines, recipes, and practices that work to boost energy, build immunity, optimize digestion, and upgrade health and well-being every day, this indispensable guide is centered on a powerful combination of insights from Siff’s ongoing work with traditional cultures worldwide known for their longevity and remarkably low incidence of chronic diseases, along with his extensive clinical experience and evidence-based natural medicine methodology.

Alongside more than 50 recipes and preparations, the book takes readers through four sections:

Part 1: sets the stage for the protocol by exploring the principles of natural medicine, the essential body systems, and the categories of medicinal plants that the book will focus on. 

Part 2: presents The Five Step Protocol, empowering readers to create their own personalized routine for achieving a substantial upgrade in their health and well-being.

Part 3: focuses on the home and creating living spaces that actualize a plant-powered lifestyle. Also included are instructions for setting up a home pharmacy and using medicinal plants for common ailments.

Part 4: delivers a deep dive into the most essential medicinal plants, covering their traditional uses, functional benefits, and best methods for use.


William Siff is a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and ethnobotanist who practices Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with running a busy clinical practice, his work with plants and people includes founding the Goldthread Apothecary and Herb Farm, the Farm to Pharmacy educational program, and Goldthread Tonics, a line of functional wellness drinks sold nationwide. His work takes him around the world, sourcing medicinal plants and creating long-term partnerships with the people who grow and gather them. He recently launched the Plantventure Project, a comprehensive resource empowering individuals with the tools and guidance to create optimal health using medicinal plants.

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