PLAMECA Is Investing $11 Million in a Five-Year Expansion Plan

The Health and Wellness Brand Is in the Midst of an Aggressive Push to Expand Its Global Manufacturing and Distribution Network

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Good nutraceutical brands have a track record of success. Great ones build on that success. As PLAMECA enters its 40th year of operation, it continues to invest significant sums of capital into expanding its already thriving operation.

“The desire we humans have to take care of ourselves is natural, but that doesn’t make it easy,” explains PLAMECA’s managing director, Óscar Fernández. “Both the daily and long-term maintenance of living a healthy life require the right tools. Our products are those tools, and we’re relentlessly committed to updating and expanding our health and wellness solutions for our customers.”

PLAMECA’s team has spent decades discovering the most valuable natural treasures that the planet has to offer. Its team has studied, enhanced, and formulated vitamins, minerals, and medicinal plants and extracts into a catalog of some of the best nutraceuticals on the market.

PLAMECA’s founding team set up their first laboratory in Barcelona in 1984. Since then, they have remained focused on developing, manufacturing, and distributing their phytotherapeutic supplements. They follow the highest European quality standards, guaranteeing safe, innovative, and effective products. These are distributed to a network of over 1,500 retailers across the Spanish geography (and recently, the United States, as well).

Critically, PLAMECA is also firmly focused on the future of health. The company is incrementally investing in proving scientific support for the efficacy of its products. It has also openly committed to an aggressive $11 million expansion plan over half a decade.

This forward-thinking mindset is a large part of what sets PLAMECA apart. Its team members are endlessly working on validating existing formulas as well as exploring new ones — all in the name of creating natural, safe, and effective health solutions for their customers.

About Plameca

PLAMECA is a phytotherapy company founded in 1984 with the initial intention of providing medicinal herbs and plants — which it did for 1,500 retailers across the Spanish geography. In 1994, PLAMECA expanded to manufacture its own food supplements, creating a range of products using herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Currently, PLAMECA products are manufactured in modern facilities using up-to-date scientific methods and are sold in 33 countries. As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, it has also invested $11 million in an aggressive plan to expand its health and wellness focus over the next five years. Learn more at

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