Panic Aide a Unique Alternative to Prescription Xanax

DALLAS, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Panic Aide, a proprietary liquid nutraceutical featured in the upcoming Thanksgiving issue of Woman’s World, is the brainchild of Mompreneur, mental health YouTube host "Coping Convos," Cheryl Poldrugach.

Cheryl, a former Dallas TV broadcast professional, grew tired of constantly fighting embarrassing panic attacks. "I knew if there were to be a better solution, safe and effective for both adults and children, I’d have to make it myself. The result was life changing."

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder, affecting 40 million adults in the U.S. population, according to the ADAA. Panic attacks can happen virtually anywhere and anytime such as driving your kids to school, during a sales pitch with a client, or while chatting up your boss’s wife during your company’s annual Christmas party. That’s why so many anxiety sufferers rave about Panic Aide in GOOGLE reviews like Gen Zer, Paige Ray, "Panic Aide has honestly helped me more than medication" and retired San Antonio police officer, Tactical Response Unit (TRU), DWI Task Force, Response, Founder, Mental Health Unit, Ernie Stevens, contributing author to Amazon best-seller ‘Police Mental Barricade, "I will be a life-long customer!"

Doctors, Psychologists, and Counselors are buzzing about Panic Aide after seeing the remarkable effects on user brain scans.

"We set up a QEEG to see the difference Panic Aide would make and after taking it brain activity associated with the experiences of anxiety or stress significantly decreased while neurological markers of relaxation increased," said Dr. Jason Mishalanie PhD, BCN, Psychologist.

About Panic Aide: 
Panic Aide is a 2oz drink made with all natural, plant powered ingredients and each ingredient is included for a reason. From Magnesium and Chamomile to Ashwagandha and CBD this quick drink is dedicated to help you get to a place of peace. 

The core products are the original Panic Aide, Anxiety Aide and PM Drink, Breathe, Relax. 

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Cheryl Poldrugach

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