Orbit Coffee Takes Off Overseas

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee is an up-and-coming energy-boosting brand that puts quality and longevity first. Rather than aiming for quick fixes and temporary solutions, the Italian-based brand is committed to providing long-lasting, science-backed solutions for consumers in every walk of life.

The company’s flagship product, which shares the same name as the brand, consists of a 0.8-ounce “sip” of liquid that is loaded with a full coffee cup’s worth of caffeine (and then some). The concoction utilizes sequential carbohydrates and Maca root to provide a steady supply of energy that doesn’t fizzle after the first fifteen minutes. In addition, the nutritional elements are masked in a classic Italian coffee and chocolate flavor. The product comes pre-brewed in a convenient plastic pouch that can be taken on the go and consumed at any time.

The long-term energy combined with convenience has made Orbit Coffee an instant hit in its local European market — so much so, that the brand has decided to expand its business footprint across international borders.

The first step in this ambitious growth began online. In an era marked by a mass transition into the e-commerce space, Orbit Coffee has made a concerted effort to provide its popular product to online consumers everywhere. From a well-designed online storefront to cloud-based retailers and affiliates, the company has had no trouble finding ways to reach online consumers with its message of quality energy in a nutritional, long-lasting format.

While e-commerce was a critical first step, Orbit Coffee isn’t resting on its laurels quite yet. The company continues to reveal bold plans to take its products overseas via brick-and-mortar retailers as well. If it can do this in the coming months and years, the potential for growth becomes astronomical. As a brand committed to both quality taste and long-term results, it would quickly be able to stand apart from competitors that tend to focus on ugly ingredients and short-term effects.

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee is a subsidiary of Cleverit Corp, which itself is a branch of EthicSport. The Italian-based family of brands take innovation seriously and have produced a variety of high-quality products that come from a decade of experience and research. Orbit Coffee, in particular, is created with the finest raw materials and a manufacturing process that follows the strictest GMP standards.

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