Orbit Coffee Offers a Low-Profile Energy Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee is an Italian brand that recently crossed the pond into the U.S. market. While there is no end to the number of energy drinks available in the U.S. at this point, Orbit Coffee offers a new take on the concept of an energy "drink."

Technically described, Orbit Coffee is more of an energy packet, as the drink comes packaged in a convenient plastic pouch. Much like a freeze pop or yogurt tube, Orbit Coffee consists of a 0.85 fl oz dose that remains sealed until it’s time to consume the product.

This sleek, spill-proof design makes the energy booster ideal for anyone who’s always on the go. Orbit Coffee pouches can slip into a purse or duffle bag without any issues. It is also a fraction of the size of most energy cans and bottles.

Contrasted against the product’s small packaging is the impressive effect that it can have on one’s energy levels. According to a company spokesperson, "We wanted to create an energy booster with a coffee flavor that offers to the consumers a way to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities."

This has been accomplished through the inclusion of a few key ingredients:

  • The Peruvian superfood Maca root offers consumers enhanced cognitive abilities (i.e. a sharpened mind.)
  • Fast carbohydrates such as fructose and dextrose deliver a quick, punchy dose of energy.
  • Slow carbohydrates like maltodextrin and isomaltulose maintain energy levels over time and avoid a crash.
  • A respectable 133 mg of caffeine can also be found in each 0.85 fl oz pouch.

To top it all off, the drink comes wrapped in a hint of delicious Italian chocolate flavor.

From start to finish, Orbit Coffee is a groundbreaking take on the traditional energy drink. It’s easy to store, convenient to carry, and offers mental clarity as well as fast, long-lasting energy. It should come as no surprise that the brand has already found traction with an energy-hungry American consumer base that is always in search of the next pick-me-up.

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee was created by Cleverit Corp, a subsidiary of the leading Italian sports nutrition brand EthicSport. The product was created to help sustain athletes, professionals, and consumers of all walks of life who are looking for a convenient, predictable, and long-lasting form of energy. Learn more about Orbit Coffee at www.orbitcoffee.us.

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