Orbit Coffee Brings Sports Nutrition to the Everyman

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee has been shaking up the energy drink sector ever since it arrived in the U.S. earlier this year. The revolutionary brand is operated by Cleverit Corp, which is itself controlled by the leading Italian sports nutrition brand EthicSport.

According to a company spokesperson, EthicSport "was born out of careful research and study of the latest findings in science and nutrition." This focus on science-backed nutrition was pursued "with the purpose of meeting the nutritional needs of all athletes and creating more awareness of nutritional-related issues specific to competitive sports."

While EthicSport has always focused on the athletic world, though, it created its Cleverit Corp division with a different goal in mind. The spin-off company is focused on meeting the needs of consumers as a whole.

To that end, it developed Orbit Coffee, an energy booster that utilizes much of EthicSport’s research-intensive information. However, in this case, the results were targeted toward the everyman.

In other words, Orbit Coffee isn’t designed exclusively for athletes. On the contrary, the delectably potent concoction is specifically tailored to offer a pick-me-up to anyone who needs it. From students studying for finals to professionals beating the midday slump to parents trying to make it to dinner time, Orbit Coffee is a quick, convenient, and effective way to stay energized.

The product utilizes sequential carbohydrates, caffeine, and Maca root to deliver a fast-acting, long-lasting boost. This impacts both energy levels and mental sharpness, making it easier to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities.

Along with its nutritionally perfected formula, Orbit Coffee has been designed with everyday use in mind. It comes in a delicious Italian chocolate flavor that makes it easy on the palette no matter what time of day it’s consumed. It’s also packaged in a convenient, spill-proof pouch that makes it perfect for on-the-go energy.

From its optimized formula to its delicious taste and easy-use packaging, Orbit Coffee is an energy option for the everyman. In the words of the brand, all that’s required is to "open it, drink it, and lift off!"

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee was created by Cleverit Corp, a subsidiary of the leading Italian sports nutrition brand EthicSport. The product was created to help sustain athletes, professionals, and consumers of all walks of life who are looking for a convenient, predictable, and long-lasting form of energy. Learn more about Orbit Coffee at www.orbitcoffee.us.

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