Ora Organic, Abundant Earth Labs and Medicine Man Plant Co. Named Top in Plant-Based Nutritional Supplements by News7Health

News7Health has named three providers of plant-based nutritional supplements as the best in their class, based upon research and consumer reviews.       

NEW YORK, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gerald Thompson, a news editor for News7Health Corp. announced this morning that three particularly innovative providers of sea plant-based supplement products have been named the best in their class based upon consumer reviews and research conducted by News7Health. Plant-based supplements and plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular amongst both vegan and non-vegan consumers as a good general source of nutrition and for a multitude of health benefits. The market for plant-based supplements worldwide is currently at $7.3 billion and is expected to surge past $11.5 billion by 2028 as consumer awareness of these potential benefits increases.

Each of the three winning brands has its own particular area of strength, and they each produce and sell a variety of products substantially better in terms of nutritional quality and value than the other brands in this crowded industry characterized by a few very dominant participants that are long-standing supplement brands and a large population of small, mostly young companies competing for market share. The three companies selected are relatively small in comparison to some of the industry giants.

Ora Organic features ethical sourcing, informational resources and some particularly good workout and recovery products, mostly in a powder form. Abundant Earth Labs, with its mission of peace and healing of the Earth and its peoples, offers some high-quality probiotics and enzymes, which are well-regarded by its customers. Medicine Man Plant Co., with its exceptional offering of encapsulations for very specific health-related issues and objectives, has placed as number one among its peers and is positioned to displace many competitors if it continues on its current trajectory.

“At News7Health, we are giving consumers the best information regarding health and nutritional supplement products,” stated Thompson, “and we will be coming out with more product and company comparisons and ratings soon.”  


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