Opulence Chicago Announces the New EmSculpt NEO!

CHICAGO, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Body contouring and building muscle are some of the top requests that patients present to the licensed professionals at Opulence Chicago. With their new EmSculpt NEO device, providers are now able to provide patients with this results-driven treatment, equating to 12 HIIT workouts (High-Interval Intensity Training) within one 30-minute session.

This already popular device executes multiple modalities including body contouring, toning and overall building of muscle. It’s ideal for those gym-goers who need an enhancement to their training regimen or anyone looking to tone those target stubborn areas like our hips, glutes, abdomen, inner and outer thighs and upper arms.

Our top-rated technicians have seen patients tone and gain muscle with as few as 4-6 treatments. The perfect treatment to receive before a wedding, big event or even just a confidence boost for that beach vacation coming up. Affordable packages for all patients are available. "When my patients finish their EmSculpt treatments they are amazed by the results after just four treatments. Witnessing their boost of confidence is why I love these treatments!" as stated by senior EmSculpt technician and aesthetician, Kelly Nester. Opulence Chicago caters to women and men of all ages and offers additional services such as Botox, filler, lasers and advanced skincare treatments. Our primary goal is to enhance your confidence and combat concerns by performing only results-driven treatments.


Sarah Patel

SOURCE Opulence Chicago