Optimega Plans to Attend ECRM’s Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program This October

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — October’s Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference is the third of its kind to take place via a virtual platform. It seems that both brands who are presenting their products and retailers alike have begun to adjust to this new normal.

Optimega is one of the only brands of its kind, creating easy to drink Omega-3 shots. Omega-3 fish oil comes in the form of liquid-filled gel capsules, which deliver small concentrated doses.
Optimega is changing the way people take this essential fatty acid, creating great-tasting 2.5 oz Omega Shots, enabling the brand to stand out in a crowd of supplemental health products.

The Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition ECRM program this October is one of the largest nutrition industry conferences of the year, attracting buyers from some of the largest retailers of health and wellness products in the United States. Optimega has experience great success during recent ECRM programs, returning from each conference with greater market exposure and a larger list of connections.

Optimega is no stranger to online retail as the brand has been selling its line of omega-3 supplements through its website for years with excellent customer reviews and feedback. Optimega makes shots that are specialized for pregnancy, OMEGA Shots™ Prenatal, and shots for people who need an extra boost of Omega-3 in their daily diet, Omega Shots™ Daily Support. Throughout 2020, Optimega has expanded its reach in the United States market by partnering with industry giants like Amazon.com to expand its customer base.

Throughout the year, Optimega has focused on increasing its online sales, while still making room for the new product development. Optimega now has products across some of the largest online retailers in the United States, but growth is always on the horizon.

Optimega looks forward to a successful ECRM conference this October that will bring new connections and partnerships as the brand shows off its innovative product line. Optimega has plans to continue its online retail expansion throughout 2020 and currently has products for sale through its company website and Amazon.com.

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