OPEX Fitness Launches Ultimate Fitness Coaching Software, CoachRx

Brings decades of individual fitness program design experience from OPEX into all-in-one personalized coaching platform for fitness coaches

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OPEX Fitness today announced the launch of the CoachRx app, a software for fitness coaches to deliver individual design coaching and run an efficient and lucrative fitness business. For the past year, OPEX Coaching Certificate Program graduates beta tested the app to help drive meaningful feature updates that help coaches deliver real results. Now, the app is ready for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and group fitness instructors around the world.

CoachRx stands apart from other fitness prescription apps and is designed to help coaches and clients work seamlessly in the technology era. The OPEX Fitness-developed app is based on decades of firsthand fitness experience, not built by committee in a corporate conference room. CoachRx has been field-tested by real fitness experts and is carefully developed to work like a coach needs it to work—to make the job of delivering client results simpler.

CoachRx launches today with a completely updated business suite, which gives coaches vital tools to help manage not only clients, but payments, metrics and reporting, payroll, and more. OPEX Fitness understands that being a professional fitness coach means more than just knowing how to help clients reach their goals, it requires reaching professional and financial business goals, as well.

Additional features launched today include a high-efficiency training calendar, an updated coach dashboard, lifestyle and nutrition prescriptions, a state-of-the-art mobile app, an exercise library containing 1500+ demonstration videos and more.

"The launch of CoachRx is a milestone in getting closer to our mission of seeing every individual doing their ideal version of fitness," said Carl Hardwick, CEO, OPEX Fitness. "We set out to create a platform that allows coaches to leverage technology to deliver a 360-degree coaching service to their clients and achieve the maximum results– both for clients and their businesses. This means that coaches are not only focused on designing smarter training programs for their clients, but are also building impactful lifestyle prescriptions to build great habits, all while improving how they communicate and interact with their clients to build lasting relationships. We’ve only just gotten started and with a robust roadmap ahead, we are excited to make the app widely available to coaches around the world."

About OPEX Fitness
OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillment. Through two decades and thousands of graduates, OPEX has pioneered the individual design method for both in-person and remote fitness coaches. OPEX’s mission is to increase the value of the coach by empowering them to make fitness simple, practical, and personalized. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program, LearnRx education platform, and CoachRx software form a fitness coaching ecosystem through which coaches can access the education, mentorship, and systems needed to professionalize their passion.

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