Oomph Body Is Enabling the Extraordinary Through Nutraceuticals

The Health and Wellness Brand Is Equipping Go-Getters With the Tools to Unlock Maximum Health and Prosperity

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health and wellness is a massive, overpopulated industry with too many brands to count. The global movement is valued at $4.3 trillion, with nearly 1,500 supplement brands in the United States alone. There’s a reason for the high supply, too. McKinsey reports that 79% of consumers say wellness is important to them, while 42% make it a top priority. And yet, despite the intense interest and an overload of options, consumers can’t get the results that they are seeking with increasing urgency.

The issue of efficacy in the health and wellness space is what inspired Scott Sharp and Dan Austin to launch Oomph Body. Sharp is a race car driver and a 30-year vet of the IndyCar circuit. His co-founder, Austin, has spent a similar stint building a career that spanned the future tech, digital marketing, eCommerce, and wellness worlds. Both have brought their knowledge and resources together with one goal: to formulate safe, efficacious nutraceuticals that can deliver real results.

“Oomph is designed to help customers thrive at the speed of life,” declares Sharp. “After searching for proven products that actually work, my business partner and I felt we just needed to create products that we ourselves would feel good about putting in our bodies.” This wholesome starting point launched a journey that has led to the development of a line of potent nutraceuticals that consumers can count on to deliver the results they read on the bottle.

Each product is formulated and manufactured in the U.S. and addresses a wide variety of common concerns. From sleep to digestion, weight loss to libido, Oomph Body’s range of nutraceuticals is designed to enable the extraordinary without the need to resort to harmful, chemically-based pharma products. In the words of Austin, “Everyone needs a little more oomph in their life.” Oomph Body provides that extra kick for its customers whenever and wherever they need it.

About Oomph Body

Oomph Body is a nutraceutical developer and manufacturer that is owned by professional race car driver Scott Sharp and tech and wellness industries alumni Dan Austin. Together, the dynamic duo is blazing a new trail for nutraceuticals by developing groundbreaking formulas that combine innovative, synergistic ingredient blends to create effective results in those looking to care for their minds and bodies. All Oomph Body products are formulated and manufactured in the U.S. Learn more at oomphbody.com.

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