NV Minerals Delivers Cleaner Water for Better Health

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Missy Beaver, founder of NV Life, is proud to announce the launch of NV Minerals, a natural, unique formulation of ionic sulfate minerals (electrolytes), that safely and effectively purifies water and removes more than 200 contaminants, providing you with cleaner drinking and bathing water.

A celebrity wellness coach in Los Angeles, Missy regularly works with Hollywood stars and professional athletes alike to maximize their health and improve athletic performance. While searching for a solution to better health amidst chronic ovarian cysts, Missy began extensive research to find a natural alternative to help alleviate her pain.

The answer was found in water-purifying minerals from a natural mountain water source in Japan, which were shown to naturally clarify water, and remove toxins and contaminants. Within seven days of use, Missy’s symptoms were dramatically reduced, and instead were replaced with improved digestion, higher energy, and better sleep.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring to market a product that has not only helped me, but so many¬† of my clients” says Missy Beaver, Founder of NV Minerals. “From increased energy and better sleep to decreased pain and inflammation, the benefits of NV Minerals are incredible and are truly helping increase overall wellness in a natural way.”

NV Minerals can benefit the body through both drinking and bathing. The brand’s drinking minerals work to hydrate the body, which can lead to increased immunity, reduced inflammation, and improved digestion. The brand’s bath minerals clean and purify bath water to remove toxins, which can result in in decreased anxiety, reduced pain, and improved sleep.

NV Minerals are beneficial for athletes, and anyone looking to prioritize nourishing their bodies, thanks to improved performance and recovery. The brand is used by many of Missy’s athletic clients, who have reported noticeable benefits after incorporating NV Minerals into their wellness routines.

“The minerals really help keep my energy level up,” says Duffy Waldorf, professional golfer and winner of four PGA tournaments. “It’s made a huge difference in my life.”

“NV Minerals have helped my joint mobility and my overall health”, says Sara Fischer, TV Producer. “I literally cannot wait to get into my mineral filled bathtub every night”.

To learn more about NV Minerals, visit www.nvminerals.com.

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