NewsXPartners Joins Social Media Influencer Ilana Muhlstein in the Fight Against the American Overweight and Obesity Epidemic

In recent months, the PR and publicity firm NewsXPartners Corporation has expanded its involvement in America’s battle against obesity. As part of this commitment, the firm recently approached social media influencer Ilana Muhlstein, whose 2B Mindset weight loss system is helping to change the way people think about and practice dieting.

NEW YORK, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NewsXPartners Corporation is pleased to support social media influencer Ilana Muhlstein and to join her in the ongoing battle against obesity and unhealthy weight. This initiative comes amid the rise of weight loss drugs like Ozempic (semaglutide, also sold as Wegovy) and Zepound (tirzepatide). [See full press release.]

These drugs have led a number of Americans to run to their doctors for prescriptions. However, many dieticians and nutrition experts, including Muhlstein, advise caution; these recently approved drugs come with numerous potential side effects, some of which are serious. NewsXPartners recently profiled Muhlstein in an article published in HealthXwire

Conversely, Muhlstein’s approach, known as the “2B Mindset,” rejects fad diets and pharmaceuticals, emphasizing instead a mindful, more natural “relationship” with food. This approach, according to NewsXPartners’ Media Director and Editor-In-Chief, aligns with the firm’s extended dedication to combating obesity and its related health issues. The 2B Mindset is detailed on Muhlstein’s website.

NewXPartners was founded in 2006 by a small group of media professionals with a strong belief in the positive, potentially transformative power of supplements. In the early years, the firm focused almost exclusively on helping small businesses compete against larger corporations in the supplements industry. Although NewsXPartners has since expanded internationally and now serves businesses of all sizes, it maintains an intensive focus on the supplements industry.

“We exist,” adds NXP’s Media Director and Editor-In-Chief, “to help educate consumers regarding how to find and choose high-quality supplements from high-quality, ethical companies. NewsXPartners’ mission is to help connect consumers with those companies and products.” NewXPartners Corporation’s increasing involvement in the struggle against American obesity is a natural extension of the firm’s overall mission.

“NewsXPartners Corporation has extensive expertise in the field of health, wellness, and longevity,” says its Media Director and Editor-In-Chief. “We continually seek ways to help consumers improve their health without the side effects and long-term health consequences of pharmaceuticals. 2B Mindset’s focus on natural, healthy weight loss and improving overall quality of life makes it exactly the type of cause we’d like to support.” [See full press release.]


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