NewSound to Showcase its Broadest and Most Competitive Lines of OTC Hearing Aid at EUHA2023

NUREMBERG, Germany,, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NewSound, a leading supplier of OTC hearing aid and hearable products, is excited to showcase its robust lineup of hearing products at this year’s EUHA in Nuremberg, Germany. NewSound will highlight their latest Dual-Bluetooth connectivity technology and demonstrate its popular POCO-Series and Primo D RITE products at Booth 4A.207.

With a go-to-market ready, turnkey offering, NewSound has been working with select leading consumer electronic technology brands and Home Medical devices brands to bring affordable, high-quality OTC hearing aid solutions to the market.


2008—Created and launched Ready-To-Wear hearing aids
2012—Initiated rechargeable hearing aid project
2015—Launched lithium rechargeable hearing aids
2018—Lead the development and launch of software for self-adjusting hearing aids
2020—NewSound pioneered and launched remote fit technology

“NewSound is at the forefront of making the dream of affordable and accessible OTC hearing aids a reality for the wider market, ” said David Yu, Founder and CEO at NewSound. “The POCO M and Primo DA represent the most trustworthy OTC hearing aid solutions available, leveraging our extensive manufacturing capabilities and patent-protected position in acoustic algorithm and power engine solutions. Building on years of innovation in the hearing aid technology space, our OEM solution will enable consumer technology and medical device firms to accelerate the deployment of OTC hearing aid solutions to the masses.”

Lee, CTO of NewSound, added, ” The OTC Hearing Aid Act has brought more choice to consumers but also new product requirements. NewSound has been fully prepared to offer a turnkey solution. The reference standards and test methods for key performance parameters have been updated, and we have made extensive preparations in terms of acoustic design, software upgrades, and algorithms.

About NewSound

NewSound, established in 2004, has been dedicated to providing exceptional hearing aids and hearables to individuals with hearing impairments worldwide. With nearly two decades of research and development, NewSound has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation. From the initial development of digital behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and programming software to its latest advancement in remote hearing solutions, NewSound has established itself as the industry leader in proven technological advancements.

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