New Zealand Entrepreneur Purchases Manufacturing Facility in the United States to Continue Producing HealthZone Dietary Supplements

HealthZone Products, Which Transport Nutrients to Specific Locations in the Body with Mineral Transporter Technology, Will Soon Be Available in the U.S.

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stuart Vaughan knows a good thing when he sees it.

“Although we are located in New Zealand, we found a great product manufacturing plant in New Mexico to make our dietary supplements,” said Stuart Vaughan, CEO of HealthZone. “The quality was so good, we shipped our dietary supplements from New Mexico to New Zealand.”

“Then, the original owners in New Mexico decided to retire,” he said.

“When they gave us the news, we decided to buy the plant that we had been using for more than a decade rather than risk quality decreasing under new management,” he added. “Nor did we want to find another company to produce our HealthZone dietary supplements.”

Now, Vaughan and HealthZone will continue shipping their products from New Mexico to New Zealand but also to consumers and retailers in the United States.

“It has worked out perfectly for us,” he said. “With HealthZone supplements now popular in New Zealand, we plan to expand our distribution in the U.S. market.”

HealthZone products are different from many dietary supplements on the market.

HealthZone products depend on two patents: Mineral Transporter technology, discovered by the late Dr. Hans Nieper, and Enzymatic Processing, created by the late Dr. William Hansen.

“The use of Mineral Transporter technology enables the nutrients in our supplements to be transported across the cell membrane,” Vaughan said. “In basic terms, we are using targeted delivery with minerals sent to the exact address in the body.”

Vaughan described Enzymatic Processing as sending motivational speakers into the body.

“With regular dietary supplements, you swallow them and eventually flush them from your body,” he explained. “Enzymatic Processing turns HealthZone ingredients into motivational speakers, which reboot your body and teach the specific part of the body how to function correctly.

“With our Enzymatic Processing technology, our Liver Zone supplement sends needed nutrients directly to the liver to ensure it operates as efficiently as a liver should,” he added.

Health Zone products will be available in the United States later this year.

“When something in the body isn’t working, HealthZone delivers the right nutrients to the right place at just the right time,” he added.

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