“New Year, New You”: How YoGoody Is Enabling Healthy Resolutions

Enhancing Quality of Life with YoGoody in the New Year

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The New Year’s holiday is a time for fresh starts and new habits. Health is often the target of these renaissance moments. One report found that nearly half of those asked plan on working on their fitness this year. Nearly a third of respondents were factoring in dietary improvements, as well. Another report cited diet as one of the most common resolutions in 2023. While resolutions are a good starting point, it takes the right health and wellness tools to turn goals into reality.

“New year, new you,” declares Anabela Ferreira, founder of the health and wellness brand YoGoody. “It’s a common goal on January 1st and one that we love to see people make at any time of year. But it’s important to realize that you can’t just hope for change and expect it to happen. You need to find tools that break up bad habits and make healthy choices more accessible. That’s where our YoGoody products can be a game-changer.”

YoGoody’s products are a perfect blend of health and convenience. The brand’s popular 1.2.3. YOG is a good example of this. The product line consists of yogurt alternatives that don’t require refrigeration, travel well, and are easy to prepare (just add water and shake). They are packed with thousands of probiotic yogurt cultures as well as prebiotic fibers that enhance the probiotics while also providing a genuine full sensation.

YoGoody’s growing range of health tools includes other convenient and effective dietary health options, such as its unique line of GummyGoody vitamins. “Our goal is to make everyday health accessible for our customers,” Ferreira concludes. “We are invested in disruptive innovation that creates smart food alternatives. Certain events may spark the desire for healthy change, but our products make it possible to sustain that initial momentum.”

New Year’s resolutions are a good starting point, but consumers need a company invested in helping them genuinely reach their health goals. From its functional yogurt smoothies to its gummies and more, YoGoody makes everyday nutritional support easy, sustainable, and delicious.

About YoGoody
YoGoody operates out of Oporto, Portugal. The company was founded by Anabela Ferreira in 2022 as a way to create a yogurt alternative that is packed with nutrition, hyperconvenient, and sustainably made. YoGoody has nutritionists on staff and invests heavily in R&D. Since its inception, the brand has grown to include three primary product labels: 1.2.3. YOG (everyday health), YoGoody+ (advanced formula), and GummyGoody (targeted supplemental support). Learn more at yogoody.com.


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