New Trans-Led Fasting App Aims to Help Trans People Lose Weight

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nearly 42 percent of adults aged 20 and over are obese in the United States, according to a report from CDC. It appears sustainable weight loss has never been more challenging.

On a mission to support individuals struggling with weight loss, Litely, a new trans-friendly fasting app created by a diverse group of fasting enthusiasts, launches globally after months of beta testing. The app offers a section specifically tailored to help trans people achieve their individual health goals. Litely’s features center themselves around evidence-based weight loss tools, such as intermittent fasting, gamification, and community.

Litely provides trans people with customized fasting plans and guidance to support them in fasting more easily and sustainably. When trans people sign up on the app and select ‘trans’ from the gender options, the AI automatically generates a customized fasting plan tailored to them. Additionally, trans app users can access trans-specific fasting guidance and education via the ‘Explore’ feature.

Litely’s co-founder, Rey Resendez, is a transgender person and a fasting enthusiast based in New York.

“Fasting, and any type of dieting or weight-loss diet, has been found to be a little more tricky for transgender individuals, especially when undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT),” said Resendez. “For trans people who are fasting, they have more concerns and questions compared to cisgender people, which is exactly why we have designed a specific section for trans people on Litely to offer specialized guidance and advice.”

Experts recommend that women and men should fast with different schedules and plans. The same intermittent fasting schedule may have different results for different groups of people, like women, men, and transgender people. The app has special sections tailored to the needs of specific groups, for example, the ‘Explore’ feature provides a fasting education section specifically for women and transgender people.

“As fasting enthusiasts and experts with diverse backgrounds, we have an understanding that intermittent fasting should be done differently depending on the individual – not everyone is the same,” said Resendez. “We created Litely as a diverse community to provide each individual a unique and specific fasting regimen to follow depending on what group they fall into.”

Litely’s mission is to equip people with a platform that prioritizes community connection – a key factor in weight loss success. Studies have shown that a supportive community can help people lose more weight than if they attempted the same weight loss plan alone. Additionally, a 2017 study indicated that gamification is an effective way to increase engagement in online programs.

Based on the above research, the Litely team innovated a unique feature – ‘Circle’ – which combines a supportive community with gamification. The ‘Circle’ feature works like a game in which the users, dubbed Health Heroes, band together to fight against their enemies, called Health Breakers. With this feature, users can invite their friends into their online community to form a support circle that encompasses some essential components for weight loss success: daily motivation, encouragement, connection, and fun.

“When you join a Litely Circle, you step into your superpowers and join a community of Healthy Heroes to defeat the Health Breakers on the loose within your community,” Resendez continued. “The Health Breakers are trying to take over and sabotage your community’s weight loss goals – it’s your team’s job to use your superpowers to protect each other’s health and well-being.”

The new app is now available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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