New Survey Finds 52.6% of People Prefer Working Out OUTSIDE the Gym

This preference indicates changing cultural norms in the fitness industry, as most respondents opt for at-home or outdoor fitness over designated fitness facilities. 

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent survey conducted by polled 176,000 fitness enthusiasts to discover their preferred environment for working out. While a plurality of respondents indicated that they preferred working out at the gym (47.4%), a majority indicated that they preferred working out elsewhere (52.6%).

These results align with a documented trend by other pandemic-era and post-pandemic surveys that have found a majority of Americans prefer exercising outside of gyms and fitness centers.

“There’s a clear trend emerging that indicates that more and more fitness enthusiasts are preferring to work out in the privacy and security of their homes and public green spaces,” says Liam Hunt, one of the study’s co-authors. “There are many personal and invisible barriers to working out in gyms, including a lack of financial resources or the fear of judgment from other gym-goers.”

The findings offer insight into the shifting dynamics in the post-pandemic fitness industry. Amid social distancing measures, the “at-home revolution” introduced millions of Americans to private workouts that can performed without equipment in the comfort of one’s home. This survey indicates that the at-home revolution may have considerable staying power.

Amine Rahal, the CEO and Founder of Gymless, had this to add: “I’m not entirely surprised to see this poll reveal a shift in training preferences. The global landscape of health and fitness has been evolving, especially in the post-pandemic context, with an increasing emphasis on at-home workouts. That’s why we launched, to help people learn how to exercise anywhere, without needing access to a gym.”

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Survey Highlights:

  • 47.4% of respondents said they prefer working out at the gym
  • 37.9% of respondents said they prefer working out at home
  • 14.7% of respondents said they prefer working out in the outdoors
  • In total, 52.6% prefer working out outside of the gym
  • The survey reflects the changes in American fitness preferences

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