New Product Offers Consumers Innovative Solution to Ignored Cause of Stress

MODESTO, Calif., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advance Mints LLC announced the launch of a new product under the CAFFEINEcontrolTM brand that provides a unique and convenient alternative to caffeine overconsumption. Too much caffeine can be mistaken for stress and is a hidden cause of increased anxiety and headaches, irritability, insomnia, brain fog and fatigue. Most people blame stress or being overworked for not feeling their best, but, the real villain in their day is often consuming too much caffeine. While most people default to decaf or “cold turkey” to cut back on caffeine, CAFFEINEcontrolTM provides true innovation in caffeine reduction by providing a great-tasting and convenient alternative that delivers the benefits you expect from caffeine FASTER than a cup of coffee but in a lower, but still effective level, that lets you be alert, focused and productive while achieving your caffeine reduction goals.  Can be used with a goal to reduce, quit, or replace caffeine.

“Anxiety, exhaustion and a twitch under my left eye that lasted for 3 weeks had me questioning if my entire life was off track,” said Debra Willford, CAFFEINEcontrol™ Founder. “But it turned out my only real problem was a dysfunctional relationship with caffeine. My desire to get things done had fueled a caffeine overload that was making me miserable.” 

CAFFEINEcontrol™ took over a year of professional development and multiple focus groups to create, as Founder Debra Willford wanted to concentrate on providing a product that delivered both proven benefits and superior product flavor. It is not a caffeine pill. It is a sweet, pineapple flavored tablet, that melts on the tongue, contains a small dose of caffeine (the equivalent of a few sips of coffee) along with Vitamin C, Zinc, L-Theanine, and Vitamins B6 and B12 to support the unique needs of reducing caffeine by disrupting caffeine withdrawal symptoms while supporting focus and energy needs.

By dissolving on the tongue, CAFFEINEcontrolTM hacks the caffeine delivery process allowing results faster than a cup of coffee because it does not have to be digested to work. And compared to the coffee shop visit, consumers can save hundreds of dollars as the 85 serving pouches retail at $24.99 (with free shipping), or just 29 cents per serving. The easy-to-carry pouch allows users to conveniently skip the morning coffee line, stay focused and productive while on-the-go and avoid the peaks and crashes that come with caffeine overconsumption.

“The biggest lie we believe about our morning coffee is that it gives us energy to start the day,” said Debra Willford, CAFFEINEcontrol™ Founder. “When you are dependent on caffeine it means you don’t get the stimulation you expect from coffee. Instead of fueling our ambitions, most of us are just avoiding the pain and brain fog that come when we skip our morning coffee. The beauty of this product is you set your own terms. There are no complicated formulas or rules. Just replace your normal caffeine with this low-caffeine alternative to stay focused and alert while you take back control of the amount of caffeine you consume.” 

About CAFFEINEcontrol™

Debra Willford, Founder, has over 25 years’ experience in consumer packaged goods, PR, advertising, and sales including work for Nestle, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and ACNielsen data research. CAFFEINEcontrolTM was developed based on Debra’s personal quest to reduce caffeine in a simple and convenient way that allowed the user to set the terms of how much caffeine they wanted to consume, and when. For more information or to purchase product, please visit:

Contact: Debra Willford
Tel: 209.342.7962

SOURCE Advance Mints LLC

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