New Book, “Flowering Your Mind,” Tells How to Creatively Use Flowers to Gain Cognitive Benefits

CAPE COD, Mass., April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Is there a connection between flowers and brain health? Suzanne Faith, RN, says, “Yes!” after spending the past 20 years researching her new book, “Flowering Your Mind: How to Engage Your Brain in Healthy, Exciting New Ways.”

Faith, a full-time nurse, combines her 30 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse and certified dementia professional (CDP) with her award-winning passion for Oshibana, the art of pressed flowers, in a book filled with original artwork and practical ways to improve brain health with flowers. “Flowering Your Mind” is science-based, yet filled with fun, hands-on tips and illustrations for creating pressed flower art and many other projects.

The intersection of creativity and the brain is just one of the concepts Faith writes about. “Flowering Your Mind” weaves together a range of topics that include creating for emotional health, how flowers affect brain health, healing with color, and a variety of ways to create with flowers.

Flowers have long been known to heal the spirit in many ways, Faith says, adding: “Remarkably, it is now evident that the brain’s response to the beauty of flowers provides another powerful gift: flowers can actually improve emotional health and cognitive function, especially when combined with some form of creative expression. Given today’s increasing number of stress-related disorders, dementia, and anxiety, perhaps the benefits of adding flowers to one’s life holds at least one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, stimulated brain.”

Nobuo Sugino, president of the International Pressed Flower Art Society, immediately endorsed “Flowering Your Mind,” noting that, “Pressed flower art consists of growing, picking up and drying the plants and creating original works, so it is particularly useful for both mental and physical health.”

Career Nurse is Internationally Known Artist

An expert in caregiving and dementia care, Faith has helped thousands of families deal with the challenges of dementia, and she’s developed numerous Alzheimer’s and dementia-based curriculum for healthcare professionals. Faith currently manages Cape Cod Healthcare’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Program.

An award-winning pressed floral artist and illustrator, her unique designs combine pen & ink illustrations with flowers grown in her garden on Cape Cod.

“Oshibana is popular outside the U.S., which has given me the opportunity to travel around the world, as I’ve been invited to teach pressed floral techniques,” Faith said. “For two decades, I maintained membership in the Pressed Flower Guild of Great Britain, The International Pressed Flower Art Society and World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. It’s been wonderful to bring joy through a medium that transcends the boundaries of language.”

“Flowering Your Mind” is available on Amazon and through Ingramspark. Due to its early popularity, the book will soon be available in Japanese. 

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