NeuX Technologies Announces Meaghan Foley as Director of Performance Psychology and Systems Development

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NeuX Technologies, a leading provider of advanced medical technology for the health, wellness, fitness and human performance markets, is excited to announce Meaghan Foley has joined NeuX as Director of Performance Psychology and Systems Development.

Meagan has a master’s degree in sport psychology and a master level certification in neurolinguistic programming. She has a vast array of educational and professional experience specializing in performing under pressure, conditioning the nervous system, resilience, performance & mindset, strength and conditioning, cognitive-physiologic remapping (brain hacks), epigenetics, team building, sales and negotiations. She is an Author and co-founder of Apeiron Academy, an epigenetics and performance optimization certification academy.

Meaghan is a former Division 1 athlete and is now a charismatic presenter and educator with over 12 years of coaching and training experience, creating innovative training and systemized applications for performance optimization and human development. Her clients range from LA Galaxy Academy, Google, Augusta Arsenal Soccer Club, Human Intelligence Joint Center of Excellence (HT-JCOE), US National Guard, Professional Golf Association (PGA), EXOS, the University of New Hampshire, Clairemont McKenna College, and the United Way. Meg has worked as a Performance Expert for the United States Military including big Army, Special Operations and developed large scale programs for organizations such as the US Army, BrightDot, Apeiron Zoh.

At NeuX, Meaghan is creating a cohesive model that bridges the most efficient mindset, emotional priming and human movement strategies with the innovative technologies of NeuX. These include simple and actional end user programs and high end, innovative tools for coaches, trainers and teams. Meaghan is passionate about being limitless and empowering others who seek the same.

"I’m blown away by the impact that NeuX’s Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) has on the various aspects of the performance spectrum from unbalanced or injured all the way to enhancement. When it comes to performance and even health optimization overall, INS not only expedites efforts to reset movement patterns and improve management of the body’s energy systems, it also takes our capabilities to a whole new level. I am excited to join the NeuX team and to assist in this amazing technology’s impact on a new wave of health." said Meaghan Foley.

"Our INS technology successfully addresses all types of neuromuscular issues in the body. However, establishing optimal physical health cannot be achieved without successfully addressing mental preparedness and acuity, which Meaghan enables us to do with her experiences, skill sets and insight. The result is a robust, total solution for our customers that is unmatched. We are thrilled to have her join NeuX.

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