Natural Cure Labs Expands Its Online Presence

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The e-commerce market has become integral for any brand’s success and survival in our modern economy. Supplemental nutrition brand Natural Cure Labs has been expanding their e-commerce reach throughout 2020, and have recently added several new online stores to their portfolio of wide-scale online availability.

Maintaining a presence on a variety of e-commerce stores has been a successful strategy for Natural Cure Labs since more sites means more traffic, more visibility, and a more diverse customer base who may otherwise not have come across Natural Cure Labs’ products. Specialty online stores have been growing in popularity and offer thousands of highly specialized health and wellness brands, providing customers choice and flexibility as they seek out their next dietary supplement.

Gaining access to online health stores is no easy task. Brands are vetted for quality and integrity on a personal level and must prove manufacturing, operational, and management capabilities. Natural Cure Labs knows that in choosing to partner with select, well-established online stores, their products will be showcased appropriately.

E-commerce sales now make up more than two-thirds of the entire supplement market, with those figures expected to double over the next decade. Natural Cure Labs currently has products available across dozens of sites, with plans to add a host of new retailers to their e-commerce lineup.

Natural Cure Labs’ goal is to bring quality and transparency to the supplement industry through the production of trustworthy, well-researched supplements. Natural Cure Labs has also brought new and innovative supplements to people who may otherwise not have known about them.

For example, while Natural Cure Labs includes natural health staples like Elderberry and L-lysine in their lineup, they also carry supplements that are currently generating plenty of industry buzz, like Monolaurin. 

Monolaurin, the supplement version of lauric acid, is naturally found in foods like coconut and palm kernel oil. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid, the subject of several immune-related research studies.

Supplemental nutrition is already a $130 billion industry and shows no sign of slowing. Through their partnership with several online health stores, Natural Cure Labs is continuing their trend of online retail growth and supporting their commitment to providing quality supplements to a broad consumer base.

Natural Cure Labs is an award-winning manufacturer of dietary supplements. The company is committed to producing responsible, trustworthy, and quality supplements that enable individuals to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The immune-focused formulas are manufactured in the USA using premium vegan and non-GMO ingredients based on published medical literature. To learn more about Natural Cure Labs’ dedication to quality and research, please visit

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