Naikela Delivers Pure Water-Soluble Nutrition

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Water-soluble nutrition is a critical aspect of ongoing health, one that the team at Naikela Botanicals is well aware of. Water-soluble nutrition is simply nutritional vitamins that can dissolve in water and be easily absorbed by the body. This ability for tissue to quickly sponge up these vitamins is critical. Unlike fat-soluble nutrients, the body cannot store water-soluble vitamins, and they typically need to be replenished every couple of hours.

Aaron Moeller, blend master and co-founder of the Hawaiian-based tea powder brand Naikela Botanicals, is very familiar with the importance of this aquiferous form of nutrition. "Water-soluble nutrition isn’t appreciated or understood properly," the herbal mixologist says. He goes on to explain that water-soluble nutrition includes key elements, like vitamins C and B, as well as various electrolytes. "These need to be replenished every couple of hours," Moeller says, adding that "Naikela’s tea powder blends are uniquely suited to allow you to fill up on those vitamins regularly."

Naikela Botanicals has been a leading name in the tea powder world for years now. The innovative brand has developed a line of delectable tea powders that use various herbal ingredients, like Tulsi and Ashwagandha. These are combined in powder form, added to water, and then consumed, delivering many of their nutritional benefits to the body in lightning-fast water-soluble form.

Along with offering an accessible and enjoyable form of water-soluble nutrition in the first place, Naikela’s unique agricultural and production methods have set the gold standard for how consumers should access this critical form of nutrients. Naikela’s plants are Certified Naturally Grown. Moeller explains that, "This means our farm is held accountable to other farmers who annually evaluate our property to ensure that our farm practices are natural and sustainable."

Along with being 100% natural, Naikela’s ingredients are also GMO-free and grown without pesticides or herbicides. In addition, the products avoid all fillers, preservatives, and other chemical or synthetic ingredients. Even their sweetener comes from naturally grown, powdered stevia leaf.

Once grown, the herbs are hand-picked, artisanally sun-dried, powdered, and mixed in a process that is utterly unique to the Naikela brand. "Those blends are the culmination of 20 years of R&D," Moeller says, adding that over that time he has tinkered with the formulas until he has honed them into the perfect blend of delicious water-soluble nutrition.

While the awareness of water-soluble nutrition is growing, few companies are delivering on the demand for water-soluble vitamins like Naikela. The Aloha-State’s line of tea powders offers consumers a way to access clean, effective nutrition — and all while enjoying a steaming cup of tea rather than choking down a fist full of vitamins.

About Naikela Botanicals: Naikela Botanicals is operated by Aaron Moeller. The herbal mixologist sustainably farms at Makanalani, a 131-acre agricultural property and nonprofit youth center on Kauai’s North Shore. Learn more about both Naikela and Makanalani at

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