Naikela Botanicals Replaces the Caffeine Ritual

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind Naikela Botanicals knows how important it is to have established routines and rituals in life. Of course, the kind of rhythms that a person creates dictate how helpful or harmful they’ll be. The tea powder brand has worked tirelessly to create a beverage option that can replace the harmful effects of consuming caffeine as part of a morning ritual.

The Huffington Post refers to morning routines as an activity that "will make you more successful." The BBC has reported on "the surprising power of daily rituals." Whether it’s an established set of productive activities (read: routine) or a series of symbolic actions (read: rituals), recurring, consistent rhythms like these tend to be important for human beings in all times and places.

While the importance is well documented, though, that doesn’t make every routine or ritual worthwhile. Case in point: drinking coffee every morning.

When asked, 83% of U.S. coffee drinkers consumed their java during breakfast. This habit of starting the day with a jolt of caffeine is as common as it is addictive. It’s a driving need that often dominates most morning routines.

The thing is, coffee isn’t a beneficial part of a good morning. If anything, it’s a crutch. Business Insider reports that drinking coffee within an hour of waking up can interfere with cortisol production. In essence, that means the act of drinking coffee too early is hobbling the body’s own natural wake-up process.

Instead of drinking coffee first thing after sunrise, Naikela Botanicals has created an alternative option: tea powder. The company’s dynamic adaptogenic blends consist of 100% natural farm-grown plant material. From a variety of iconic teas to powdered stevia leaf for sweetening, every Naikela Botanical blend is infused with a sugar-free, health-conscious, delectable experience.

"We have things in our blends that don’t exist anywhere else in the marketplace," explains the company’s chief blend master, Aaron Moeller. Moeller goes on to explain that each of Naikela’s powders is grown and processed without GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, artificial coloring, or synthetic ingredients. They deliver a healthy dose of water-soluble nutrition — all while satisfying the taste buds, too.

This combination of efficacy and palatability allows Naikela Botanicals’ tea powders to operate as an effective pick-me-up for any morning routine. Each powder packs a punch and can more than hold its own against a classic cup ‘a joe — all without the need to overrun the body’s system with caffeine.

"By swapping out coffee for tea powder, consumers can maintain that early-morning ritual without the need to pump their bodies full of caffeine," Moeller says, "It’s a much more effective way to start each day."

For the countless individuals who find themselves overly dependent on a cup of coffee to start each morning, Naikela Botanicals offers a ray of hope. The company’s tea powders are the perfect way to replace that caffeine ritual with a healthier option that can still help a person rise with the sun each and every morning.

About Naikela Botanicals: Naikela Botanicals is operated by Aaron Moeller. The herbal mixologist sustainably farms at Makanalani, a 131-acre agricultural property and nonprofit youth center on Kauai’s North Shore. Learn more about both Naikela and Makanalani at

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