MyChiroPractice Is Delivering One Client 400+ New Patient Leads Per Month

IRVINE, Calif., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MyChiroPractice (, a design and marketing firm specializing in the chiropractic vertical, has experienced its biggest success so far in 2022 – acquiring 450 new patient leads for a single chiropractic client in the past 30 days. 

Creative and marketing directors Ardavan and Kevin Javid have been working with chiropractors to build their practices for over a decade, using a combination of high conversion websites, Google Ads, and search engine optimization to produce tangible, quantifiable results that chiropractic clients can rely on to build their dream practices.

"This particular chiropractor trusted the process, and understood that attracting qualified leads through online marketing takes time and patience," explains Ardavan Javid. "But once we dialed in on his exact demographic and service offerings, the flood gates opened!"

The Javid twins have worked with Fortune500 clients, celebrities, athletes, and well-funded startups for over 20 years under their other business, Graphicwise (, but they say that marketing for the Chiropractic profession is a very unique and different monster. "Over 95% of people have misconceptions about the chiropractic profession, and how they can benefit from chiropractic care," explains Kevin. "We’ve taken on the challenge of not only changing that perception through great designs, but more importantly, educating the general public about the amazing benefits of chiropractic care.

For that reason, both Ardavan and Kevin Javid first start by reimagining each chiropractor’s brand, website experience, and educational content, prior to taking on their online marketing. "The foundation of the practice or business has to be solid," explains Ardavan. "Once we have a great foundation, brand, and content, then we can throw money at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Press Releases, and a wide range of other new patient funnels."

Kevin Javid adamantly agrees that getting high-quality, highly-qualified new patient leads is only attainable by taking those steps and not cutting any corners. "Any self-proclaimed marketer can spend money on Facebook Ads or Google Ads with a $19 offer, and make the phones ring… but to get quality leads, you have to first build trust, credibility, and value through your brand and website."

MyChiroPractice has been responsible for driving dozens of monthly qualified leads to each of its 100+ chiropractic clients over the past decade. "I think one reason we’ve been in business for 10+ years in this highly-competitive market, is that we have the best interest of our clients in mind," says Ardavan. "But more importantly, all of us – myself, Kevin, and our staff – are all chiropractic patients, chiropractic advocates, and chiropractic supporters… and we share the same mission."

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