More Than a Kickboxing Fitness Center: Former Shot Put and K-1 Fighter Champion Randy Kim Hopes to Share Fitness Expertise and Inspiration to the Community

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Randy Kim is creating a fitness craze by opening a second location of his Taejo Kickboxing Fitness Center in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

Kim, who was a South Korean national shot put player for seven years and set a new Korean record six times in his career, embarked on a new journey in 2008 when he went on the K-1 fighting stage. For over 10 years, he has achieved many significant achievements in mixed martial art competitions around the world as he continued to push himself and became a role model for many younger athletes. In addition, he is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. 

In order to share his structured and healthy system of exercising methods he accrued throughout his 20-year career as an elite athlete, Kim opened two kickboxing locations in the heart of Los Angeles.

Kim described his motivation for diving into the fitness industry. “I was sad to see that so many people were getting hurt and weak because they were using all the wrong methods to exercise. I opened my fitness centers with the hope of helping many people by sharing my expert knowledge in how to work out correctly.”

He continued to explain his passion by saying, “The strength of our fitness center is that it provides a comfortable environment and facility as well as excellent coaches who give personalized lessons. It is very rewarding and grateful to see my members have fun while exercising systematically as they become healthier and stronger.”

This is evident as Taejo Kickboxing is the training center of choice for celebrity boxers.

The very first location of Taejo Kickboxing is located in Koreatown on 552 S. Oxford Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90020, with its second location in Downtown Los Angeles on 1424 W. Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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