meQuilibrium Rolls Out Enhanced Workforce Resilience Suite, Adding On-Demand Tools to Identify and Reduce Risks to Wellbeing and Performance Organization-Wide

Leveraging 10 years of partnering with top global employers, meQuilibrium advances the wellbeing market with HR self-service workforce intelligence and campaigning tools

BOSTON, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — meQuilibrium, the leading digital resilience platform, today announced significant enhancements to its award-winning data-driven software and services offering, meQuilibrium Workforce Resilience Suite, which now holistically addresses employers’ greatest risks amidst rising rates of mental health challenges, burnout and turnover.

New campaign functionality and real-time access to data and analytics give customers the unprecedented ability to drive targeted behavior change, directly through the meQuilibrium program, across the organization, to mitigate risk and positively impact employee wellbeing and performance. Building upon meQuilibrium’s robust data engine and predictive analytics, the enhanced Suite provides a flexible, integrated, data-driven identification and action system for HR professionals.

"Today, taking a proactive organization-wide approach to mental wellbeing is the new essential for maintaining a powerful, agile and engaged workforce—one that can take care of themselves and their customers," says Jan Bruce, meQuilibrium CEO. "Employers must engage every individual, help managers build engaged teams, and drive the culture in a coordinated way. Our Workforce Resilience Suite provides a turnkey, end-to-end approach for achieving just that."

meQuilibrium customers that rely on these powerful tools include leading global employers such as Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, Liberty Mutual, Marriott International, Paychex, and US Roche Genentech. 

"Employers are especially concerned about wellbeing risk and they need the right data at their fingertips to understand, predict, and respond in order to build healthy, functioning organizations. Our enhanced Workforce Resilience Suite now offers employers the power to take action with a population analytics tool that can detect workforce breakdowns and risks, and a campaign-driven approach to address them in real time with pinpoint precision," says Tom Brennan, meQuilibrium COO.

meQuilibrium Workforce Resilience Suite: Embedding Resilience into Culture
The enhanced Suite includes two core solutions as well as three new tools that identify risk with aggregated and anonymized analytics, provide flexible, strategically segmentable campaign tools, and measure outcomes for employees, managers and teams across the organization:

meQ for Individuals: Resilience training at scale
This personalized, multimodal cCBT solution, based on 25 years of proven science, targets root cause thinking to develop positive and effective behaviors that engender measurable improvements in mental wellbeing, stress management, and importantly, engagement and success at work. High risk individuals also benefit from in-platform referrals to behavioral health services, including coaching and EAP, within the employer’s existing ecosystem based on need. Live training experiences support the digital program.

meQ for Teams: Critical skills and training for managers to build high-performing teams
Managers and leaders are trained—and empowered—to model and mentor resilience to build high-performing teams. The solution improves managers’ ability to lead with data-driven, actionable dashboards that show their teams risks in real-time and allow the manager to take action – sharing skills, and activities to close the gap with just one click. Live training experiences, with the specific needs of managers in mind, support the digital program.

NEW meQ Workforce Intelligence Pro: Actionable data, on demand
Analytics are transformed into accessible, real-time insights so HR leaders can detect and reduce risk by uncovering early warning signs within their population that can lead to employee burnout, turnover and absenteeism. For example, the meQ Burnout Insight Heatmap allows organizations to visually pinpoint workforce burnout risk, both overall and via key component scores: low motivation, negative outlook, self-doubt, and work overload, to then act upon these insights. Employers can also compare data to industry benchmarks based on more than a billion unique data points aggregated over 10 years to give context to their organization’s data.

NEW meQ Workforce Campaigns: Scalable approach to reach people in need
This tool provides HR leaders flexible, highly configurable campaign management functionality to leverage meQ’s vast database of behavior change skills, activities, and training materials, as well as other resources in the employer’s ecosystem. Campaigns can be targeted to strategic sub-populations including by geographic location, job role, and line of business to remediate the identified risk or support a growth opportunity. Available campaign topics include Empathy, Work/life balance, Burnout, Change-readiness, Growth Mindset and Purpose.

NEW meQ Workforce Outcomes: Measure and prove the effects
These analytics services for HR link population level efficacy data with engagement, turnover, productivity metrics, healthcare spend and more, to deliver powerful proof of the impact resilience has on business outcomes and the employee experience. In our analysis of actual turnover at a major health system with over 10,000 employees, meQuilibrium participants had from 10 to 16% lower turnover than a matched sample of non-participants.

For more information about meQuilibrium’s enhanced Suite, visit meQuilibrium.

About meQuilibrium
meQuilibrium is the #1 digital solution for building resilience at scale for Fortune 500 global enterprises, helping businesses innovate and navigate uncertain times. meQuilibrium harnesses the science of resilience, AI, predictive analytics and neuroscience to help businesses build workforce wellbeing and potential. Leading employers have recognized the power of resilience, and meQuilibrium’s intelligent cloud-based resilience-building system, to mitigate the negative impacts of stress on an individual basis, at scale, and also build resilient and agile workforce populations capable of thriving in change.

meQuilibrium has been included in Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Companies for 2022 and 2021, and the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row. The company has been honored with numerous other awards, including Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500 Award three years in a row, Brandon Hall Group 2021 Excellence in Technology Award, 2021 Timmy Award, and a 2020 HR Tech Innovation Award. Learn more at

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