Meet the Powerful Duo Behind Elite Private Recovery Who Are Empowering Women

NEW YORK, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Establishing a business from scratch entails considerable patience, time, and unwavering determination to succeed at every step, especially for women. Bronwyn Sciarrino and Ciara Geraghty, founders of Elite Private Recovery, remain grateful for the tremendous support provided by their family and friends, including their original nursing coordinator and the renowned Dr. Ryan Neinstein, who offered invaluable assistance throughout their entrepreneurial journey. As women founders, Sciarrino and Geraghty have imbibed many lessons that strengthened their business acumen.

Over the past decade, the dynamic duo forged connections with world-renowned plastic surgeons, worked with other talented medical professionals, and created meaningful relationships with clients who trusted in their expertise as nurses specializing in plastic surgery nursing. They established Elite Private Recovery together and disrupted the health and wellness industry with tailored recovery plans to meet unique needs.

The company’s driving force has remained consistent for years: to deliver top-tier care to every client and ensure a seamless recovery process, whether from a home or hotel setting.

Sciarrino emphasizes that more women should take on the role of founders and create an impact in male-dominated industries. “Women should feel empowered to make a difference at a higher level and earn respect in their respective fields. There is nothing more liberating than becoming your own boss. Create your legacy and see where it leads you,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Geraghty remains optimistic about the progress of female founders in the business landscape. She thinks that small, women-owned businesses deserve recognition. “We make a conscious effort to support other women as much as we can,” she reveals.

Bronwyn Sciarrino and Ciara Geraghty firmly believe that challenges are growth opportunities. Committed to delivering exceptional aftercare services, these female founders constantly strive to improve their brand. “Find your passion and strive to improve it,” highlights Geraghty. For leaders, continuous learning is crucial. Founders can enhance their abilities and drive their teams toward success by learning from peers, teaching, and inspiring others, especially women.

Elite Private Recovery is represented by ZavoMedia PR Group, a global public relations and personal branding agency headquartered in NYC. Elite Private Recovery is located in multiple cities such as New York, Dallas, Palm Beach and LA. At Elite every patient is special and has their own, individual recovery journey post surgery. The team of experts offer private 1:1 care for the patient. The clinicians are highly trained registered nurses who specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery

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