Medicine Man Plant Co’s Liver Pill Cited as One of the Top Supplement Products of the Month by NewsHealthwatch

In the increasingly competitive and complex field of nutritional supplements, certain products have shown themselves to be exceptional in terms of quality

NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Peter Montalvo, chairman of the Consumer Product Research Committee of NewsHealthwatch Corp. announced this morning that the committee has identified Medicine Man Plant Co‘s "The Liver Pill" product as being the best in its class as a supplement for cleansing and purifying the liver of toxins accumulated due to the effects of diet and environment. "This is a premium-quality product for health-conscious consumers to be adding to their supplementation regimen," stated Montalvo. "I would especially recommend it for individuals who consume a good amount of processed foods or who have significant occupational exposure to environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals. The liver is the body’s principal filter, and its proper functioning is essential to every individual’s health and wellbeing."

NewsHealthwatch Corp. identifies a small number of "best in category" supplement products each month based upon a combination of infomedia and news articles and public product reviews. Exceptional products offering superior quality and good value are formally recognized by the Consumer Product Research Committee.

The market for nutritional and dietary supplements in the United States, which is currently at about $53.1 billion, is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual rate of at least 5.60% through 2028. This expansion is driven by a growing interest, on the part of the American public, in improving the quality and length of life and in increasing personal performance and productivity. It is estimated that more than 68% of the adult population in the United States has either taken, or is currently taking supplements, as supplementation is becoming more mainstream, and biohacking is becoming increasingly commonplace.

The active ingredients in The Liver Pill are milk thistle extract, burdock root, flaxseed, and rosemary leaf, all of which have historically demonstrated efficacy in traditional plant-based folk remedies. Most of the other products in the marketplace have a more limited roster of ingredients, usually centered around milk thistle or silymarin, and these products don’t offer the synergistic effects associated with the precise blend of ingredients in the Medicine Man Plant Co’s product.

"There has been a return, on the part of consumers worldwide, to plant-based and traditional herbal remedies and supplements, like those offered by Medicine Man Plant Co., that have some real history behind them," said Montalvo, "and many consumers are moving away from the synthetics and laboratory-manufactured formulations."

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Peter Montalvo

SOURCE NewsHealthwatch