Med Manager’s Grab and Go Design Saves Lives

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Med Manager is an innovative take on medical organization. The product was created by Dr. Harry Wingate after three decades of watching patients mismanage their medications.

Looking to offer an easier solution, Dr. Wingate created his organizational tool. The soft, binder-shaped compartment can hold dozens of pill bottles. It also comes with a daily pill organizer as well as a 6-pocket color file manager attached to the outside to keep important documentation close by and in order.

"We are the only all in one case that holds up to 25 medications and organizes their medical documents," Wingate explains, adding that "the main goal is to provide better organization, which we think will result in better care and better health."

Med Manager certainly meets this objective in spades. And the results go much further than mere organization.

While patient-doctor confidentiality is important, Dr. Wingate does say that, in general, Med Manager has done more than serve as an elite organizer for his company’s clients. "Our customers have also given us personal anecdotes of emergency situations where our product saved their life because everything was in one place and they were able to grab it and go."

The easy-access nature of the Med Manager concept is more than convenient whether one is taking a loved one to the doctors or heading out to an appointment themselves. The product’s organized and available nature has literally been a life saver at times.

The truth is, though, even if a person never finds themselves in a medical emergency that requires the Med Manager, the potential life-saving nature of the product is still worthy of note. Dr. Wingate has an endless procession of stories of patients coming in with bags and boxes filled with pill bottles. These messes inevitably lead to expired medications and even duplicate prescriptions.

The Med Manager ensures that all of an individual’s medications remain safe and snug in one place, no matter how complex or chronic things may get. It’s a solution that is ideal for consumers who find themselves juggling a complicated medicinal routine as they age, combat an ongoing illness, or any other situation that involves a variety of medications and medical paperwork.

About Med Manager: Med Manager is a product created by Viva Life, Inc. After 30 years in the medical field, company founder Dr. Harry Wingate saw the critical need for a medicine organization solution. In 2014 he created the first Med Manager prototype, and three years later, with his sons Josh and Hampton joining his team, Wingate launched Viva Life with the goal of transforming the medicinal routines of as many customers as possible. Learn more about Med Manager at

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