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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Med Manager is a product that serves a simple yet critical function: keeping medication and medical documentation centralized, organized, and easy to access. This ensures that patients can maintain a clear line of communication with their doctors and other medical professionals at all times.

"Lack of information is at the heart of a lot of over testing in medicine," says Dr. Harry Wingate. The creator of Med Manager goes on to explain a disturbing yet all-too-common experience he’s had with countless past patients in which they, "would come into the ER with a plastic bag or shoebox full of their medications and have none of their important medical history on hand."

Dr. Wingate details how, in many cases, the jumble of medications would include outdated pills or duplicate prescriptions. Naturally, this led to a high degree of risk as patients sorted through an unorganized, outdated selection of medications.

The lack of medical history was equally disconcerting. It’s too easy to miss important information, and most medical personnel don’t have time to sort through scrambled paperwork in search of every detail and iota of data related to a patient.

The common recurrence of DIY storage solutions, like plastic bags or shoeboxes, combined with the consistently disorganized nature of medical paperwork finally pushed Wingate into action. The doctor-turned-entrepreneur began to pursue a solution all his own.

Dr. Wingate knew that the answer he sought had to be both straightforward and comprehensive. Regarding the former, if his solution was difficult to use, it would only add to the problem. For the latter, if his invention didn’t keep everything in one place, it would only partially answer the ongoing issue.

Using this knowledge, Dr. Wingate created his first Med Manager prototype in 2014. He manufactured a small run of 500 units and, before he knew it, he was out of stock. In 2017, he reached out to his sons, Josh and Hampton, who helped him take the quickly-growing company to the next level, and the rest was history.

Med Manager has sold tens of thousands of units to date. It has found impressive traction with American consumers who are either managing their own complex medication regimens or helping their loved ones do so. In either case, the ability to keep paperwork and pill bottles all in one central location has been a game-changer.

From convenience to safety to efficiency, Med Manager has completely rewritten the script when it comes to organizing one’s medical life. It’s a solution that has been welcomed with open arms by a modern consumer base that is becoming more dependent on pharmaceutical drugs with each passing year.

About Med Manager: Med Manager is a product created by Viva Life, Inc. After 30 years in the medical field, company founder Dr. Harry Wingate saw the critical need for a medicine organization solution. In 2014 he created Med Manager and three years later Wingate and his two sons launched their company Viva Life with the goal of transforming the medicinal routines of as many customers as possible. Learn more about Med Manager at

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