MDView’s Radiology Second Opinions Reveal New Insights for 100% of Patients Surveyed

Respondents to surveys conducted by MDView’s radiology second opinion service reported that their second opinion provided new or additional information about their condition, differing from their original radiology report.

COOPER CITY, Calif., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MDView, a virtual care and medical second opinion platform, surveys users of its Radiology Second Opinion service after they receive their second opinion report from the radiologist who specializes in their exam. To date, 100% of respondents have reported that their MDView second opinion included new or additional information about their condition. Additionally, 100% of respondents stated their MDView second opinion contained different information from their original radiology report.

MDView launched its radiology second opinion service in June 2023. Initially offered in Florida, MDView is now accepting patients in 20 states. Connecting users with board certified and subspecialty radiologists, the platform offers patients the opportunity to virtually obtain an expert second opinion report from a radiologist who specializes in reading their specific medical imaging exam.

The second opinion service includes an option for MDView to acquire the patient’s medical imaging exam from the imaging facility or hospital, eliminating the need for the patient to request a CD with the DICOM images. This feature makes the service more accessible for users who do not have the means to upload files from a CD and streamlines the process by reducing the time it takes for patients to obtain their imaging files.

In partnership with Modern Teleradiology and other teleradiology groups, the MDView platform ensures users are connected with expert radiologists specializing in the patient’s specific exam. Matching is based on numerous factors, including the patient’s exam type, age, and state, aligned with the radiologists’ expertise and personal preferences on exams they choose to read.

Dr. Sunil Kini, Founder of Modern Teleradiology and Medical Director of MDView, is a fellowship trained Neuroradiologist and Body Imaging specialist. He has connected with many patients via the MDView platform, providing video consultations and second opinion reports. “We’ve seen a lot of different patients coming through, some with everyday screening exams they want to verify and some with rarely seen and complex medical conditions,” stated Dr. Kini. “Regardless of the scenario, we’ve been able to provide these patients and their physicians with valuable insights on the findings, allowing them to make better-informed decisions on the best treatment options.”

MDView CEO Tracy Amato adds, “Giving convenient access to radiology experts like Dr. Kini and his team in a virtual care environment empowers patients to get fast answers from top specialists without waiting months for an appointment. Many patients have avoided repeat imaging exams ordered by their specialists by having an expert radiologist provide a thorough second opinion report.”

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