MDView Launches Second Opinion Platform for Patients Looking to Verify Medical Imaging Diagnoses

This radiology second opinion service is the first to launch on MDView’s proprietary second opinion platform offering customizable patient and doctor workflows and embedded telehealth solutions.

COOPER CITY, Fla., July 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MDView, a South Florida end-to-end medical second opinion platform, announces the launch of its first service for patients seeking a second opinion on their medical imaging. After registering for a free MDView account, users securely upload their medical imaging files and records and are matched with independent subspeciality radiologists who specialize in the submitted study. Users then select their radiologist and can choose to add an optional video consultation, which takes place within the platform.

“When faced with a recurring medical condition or new diagnosis, it’s challenging to navigate the traditional process of searching for a new specialist, confirming insurance coverage, waiting weeks or longer for an appointment, only to start over again with the new specialist ordering a repeat radiology imaging exam,” explains Tracy Amato, CEO and co-founder of MDView. “Getting a second opinion should not be so difficult and it certainly should not take weeks or months, especially when faced with any condition that requires immediate action. Our mission at MDView is to simplify and drastically shorten the process of getting a second opinion, and we are starting by giving access to fast and affordable radiology second opinions.” 

Physicians providing expert opinions via MDView have access to diagnostic DICOM and medical record viewers and tools to generate the second opinion report, all within their MDView prioritized worklist.

The radiologists available to MDView users are subspeciality radiologists from teleradiology groups, including Transparent Imaging based in Lakewood, NJ. Transparent Imaging’s subspeciality radiologists provide radiology interpretation services to numerous medical facilities in multiple states across the country and read approximately 500,000 imaging exams annually. “The importance of a second opinion read on diagnostic imaging is well documented but not readily accessible to patients who want a radiologist to take a second look,” says Eric Ledermann, DO and founder of Transparent Imaging. “Throughout the years, I’ve done many second opinion reads for Concierge physicians, friends, and colleagues, and have helped patients avoid unnecessary procedures or have detected missed findings that changed the trajectory of patients’ diagnosis and plan of care. MDView empowers patients by offering the opportunity to get a fast second opinion on their radiology images from the comfort of home.”

Patients interested in getting a radiology second opinion can register for a free MDView account at Initially launched in Florida, the service will soon be available throughout the United States. Registrants will be notified when the service becomes available in their state.

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