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STAMFORD Conn., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In remembrance of 9/11 and the heroic sacrifices our military and front-line emergency workers face every day, HAUTE HEALING OASIS in Stamford is saying “Thank You” by offering a complimentary 1-hour Hydro massage to all Military personnel, Police, Fire and EMS workers! 

What is Hydro massage? Hydro Massage is a fully customizable, user-controlled massage bed that provides a rejuvenating and therapeutic massage in a third the time and at a third the cost of traditional massage. Just twenty minutes on this revolutionary technology is equivalent to a traditional 60-minute deep tissue massage. Hydro massage uses powerful heated water jets that blast away stress, tension and sore muscles through a waterproof barrier, which allows users to remain clothed and comfortably dry throughout their session. Hydro Massage is a convenient and affordable option to traditional massage therapy. Plus, with its interactive touchscreen, users control every aspect of their massage, including the speed, pressure and area. Finally, a massage exactly the way YOU want it, and being that the system is automated, there is no chance of virus transmission.

HHO was founded by Stamford school teacher and wellness expert Jessica Scofield Chichester and her husband Peter Chichester, who is also a Stamford firefighter. They opened their wellness facility located at 792 Pacific street nearly 3 years ago as an “Oasis” of alternative health care which focuses on the mind/body/spirit connection in all their treatments. As Plato summarized, “The part cannot be well, unless the whole is well.” Haute models this holistic approach to medicine and features the latest scientifically tested healing modalities that are proven to increase blood flow, oxygen and cellular energy. These are the cornerstones of good health; increasing these foundational components translates into more endurance, faster recovery, better sleep, less stress and allows your body to operate at an optimal level. Boosting the immune system through blood flow allows the body to potentially heal itself from previously thought untreatable conditions. More information on these services can be found on their website www.hautehealingoasis.com

Now more than ever people are realizing the benefits of massage to manage stress and ease the aches and pains we all feel. Until now the cost and time of traditional massage limited many people from experiencing the stress-relieving and health benefits of this vital treatment on a regular basis. Since HHO added Hydro Massage, users can enjoy all of these benefits in as little as 20 minutes and at a very affordable cost.

Co-founder Peter Chichester stated “We just wanted to give back to all the courageous men and women who are on the frontlines everyday protecting and serving us every day. With everything going on it seemed like the right thing to do.” This promotion runs until September 30th.

Due to the overwhelming response HHO has received from similar promotions in the past, reservations are required. Eligible heroes are encouraged to call 203-595-5304 or book online at hautehealingoasis.com

HAUTE HEALING OASIS is a luxurious bio energy wellness spa that uses the latest technologies to increase blood flow and balance the body, so that true healing can occur.

If you would like more information on this promotion or if I could provide any other information please call Peter at 203-273-8703 or email

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