Lightbody® Welcomes Wellness Expert Dr. Basheerah Ahmad to Health & Science Advisory Board

Holistic Health and Lifestyle Expert Stresses the Importance of Digital Wellness™ and Nutri-Beauty

TAMPA BAY, Fla., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lightbody, the innovator of the world’s only Digital Wellness supplements for modern lifestyles, announced the addition of holistic health expert and entrepreneur Dr. Basheerah Ahmad to the company’s Health & Science Advisory Board.

Dr. Ahmad holds an MS in Exercise Science, a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, a BBA in Business Management, and an MHR in Organizational Development. Her extensive knowledge of health and wellness has made her one of the most sought-after global lifestyle and nutrition experts.

“We are excited that Dr. Ahmad has joined our advisory board,” said Lightbody co-founder and CEO Kylen Ribeiro. “Her background as a nutrition and lifestyle expert paired with her integrated approach to wellness enhances the depth of our advisory board. We look forward to her sharing our message of Digital Wellness for modern lifestyles to the health and Nutri-Beauty industries.”

Dr. Ahmad is the personal nutritionist and Wellness Director for Steve Harvey Global. She is a fitness expert, program developer, and contributing author for The Daniel Plan and PINK method and is a health consultant for Veyl Marketing Group. She is also the author of two books: Love Yourself Enough to be Healthy: 50 Affirmations to Your Best Life and The 4321 Nutrition Plan. Her 360 holistic approaches to health by addressing mind, body, and spirit have made her a popular lifestyle expert for media outlets, including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, and The Discovery Channel.

“I am honored to join the Lightbody team because I believe in the efficacy and integrity of their products,” said Dr. Ahmad. “As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, it is my daily mission to explore healthier ways to maintain and achieve holistic health for myself and for my clients. I enthusiastically look forward to being a part of this company as it continues to grow and break through barriers to help all people achieve Digital Wellness and better health.”

Dr. Ahmad explained that Lightbody’s Digital Wellness products enhance cellular resiliency and support overall health in ways she did not know were possible. She said the Total Eye Health + Blue Light Filter supplement saved her from getting glasses and from bothersome blurriness and headaches.

In addition to stressing the importance of Digital Wellness – which is having a healthy relationship with technology – Dr. Ahmad said she is excited about the Nutri-Beauty applications of the Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter because it is the only supplement that addresses eye health and appearance from the inside out.

“The clinically studied ingredients in Total Eye Health + with Blue Light Filter have been proven to promote brighter eyes,” she said. “With millions of Americans staring at digital devices all day, many are complaining of eye strain, dry eyes, and redness that result in tired, less attractive eyes. Lightbody’s patented formula contains MaquiBright®, which is an extract of maqui berries from Chile that provides rich flavonoids to help with brighter eyes.”

Dr. Ahmad is the latest addition to the Lightbody Health & Science Advisory Board, along with Dr. Marc Grossman, a renowned Doctor of Optometry and best-selling author of more than 10 holistic eye health books.


After a combined decade of working in the wellness industry, Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein were inspired to take a holistic, integrated approach to optimizing the body’s responses to modern, toxin-filled digital environments. Lightbody has been revolutionizing supplements since 2021, using scientific research to increase cellular resiliency for positive health outcomes. For more information, visit


Dr. Basheerah Ahmad is a holistic wellness and lifestyle expert with an international following. Learn more on her website

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