Leading Metabolic and Weight Loss Clinic Track Your Max launches Food Sensitivity Testing

WEBSTER, Texas, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The healthy weight loss and data-tracking experts at Track Your Max announced they had added a new important service in the ongoing fight against obesity and obesity-related health conditions. Track Your Max now offers food sensitivity testing as part of its suite of personal health data gathering tools. Created by physicians with decades of experience, Track Your Max treats patients with chronic obesity and has helped thousands of people safely get to the healthiest version of themselves.

“Unlike popular social media dieting fads that may or may not achieve lasting results, our program works for long term goals because it takes into account the whole person,” said Dr. Smriti Choudhary, Co-Founder of Track Your Max. “Food sensitivities are an important input to personalize our patients’ nutrition plan. So, we take the time to empower patients with their own data. Every individual has a unique set of circumstances and changes they need to make to reach their goals.”

Multiple Paths to Healthy Weight Loss

The new service added to the offerings at Track Your Max is meant to offer even more personalized data on individuals as they begin their medically supervised weight loss journey. Different than typical food allergy tests, food sensitivity and food intolerance knowledge help patients find and screen-out the foods that lead to other digestive issues – helping arrest certain conditions or even stopping problems before they start.

These services complement the current set of services offered to patients, such as:

  • Resting Metabolism Rate: Screens for slow metabolism by monitoring the amount of oxygen in your exhaled breadth. This allows for personalization of dietary intake recommendations.
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss: An array of doctor-supervised and prescription therapy that may include the use of the latest pharmacotherapy approaches like Wegovy, Qsymia, and Mounjaro.
  • Hormone Testing: Screens for hormone levels to make sure no underlying hormonal imbalances are driving weight gain.

Expert Help Every Step of the Way
Track Your Max was created by a physician team that has years of experience helping patients with weight loss. They realized that one of the critical factors for sustainable weight loss is to empower the patients with their personalized data and track it over time. The team includes:

  • Smriti Choudhary, MD: A board-certified internal medicine physician for two decades who is focused on preventative care to keep patients healthy. Key areas in her practice involve medical weight loss, allergies, asthma, and general wellness.
  • Priyanka Gauravi, MD: An endocrinologist and Obesity Medicine specialist certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Dr. Gauravi treats patients with hormonal and metabolic disorders using personalized medicine. She is also a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the Endocrine Society.
  • Janet Metts, FNP-C: A Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Janet is focused on preventative care. Patient empowerment and education are key to her successful patient outcomes.

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About Track Your Max

Founded by an expert panel of physicians and health care workers with extensive experience in primary care, endocrine conditions, and medical weight loss, Track Your Max helps patients to create tailored solutions to reach their weight loss goals. Using data tracking, medical science, pharmacology, and other new approaches to diet and exercise, Track Your Max encourages patients to achieve their goals so they can feel better. Learn more at: www.TrackYourMax.com.

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