Know Thyself, Heal Thyself: HōL Healing Introduces HōL Elevate, an Innovative Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program Featuring a Revolutionary, Heart-Focused Approach to Creating Comprehensive Health Transformation and Lasting Change

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Know Thyself, Heal Thyself is the powerful concept behind premier global lifestyle coaching brand HōL Healing and its development and launch of HōL Elevate, a year-long holistic health program featuring a comprehensive heart-centered, transformational approach to creating real, lasting change.

HōL Elevate offers a 12-month mentorship program featuring a curriculum that walks you step by step through your specific health issues and provides unique insights into the mind, body, and heart connection.

It is the latest innovation from HōL Healing, a leading global holistic lifestyle coaching brand that expresses itself in the full spectrum of a consumer’s life: work, relationship, health, community, and self-development. Seeking to redefine self-care as we know it, the company is fast becoming a definitive source of holistic solutions and information to help consumers manage their life with grace, courage, and good health.

"We provide courageous and comprehensive holistic health care that enables you to self-heal and thrive on your own terms. Our approach is simple, intuitive, accessible, and affordable," said Mona Awad, CEO, general counsel, and co-founder of HōL Healing/Holistic Lifestyle Systems. "HōL Elevate is the most powerful holistic health program on the market today for comprehensive health transformation. If you want to optimize your health for good, achieve freedom from endless binge and restriction cycles, and truly elevate your mind, body, and spirit — this program is for you."

Awad added that the brand’s world-class health coaches are experts in how to:

  • Figure out what "healthy" foods may be making you sick and bloated.
  • Notice your eating patterns and how different foods make you feel – in your heart and your body.
  • Understand the dynamic connection between your perception and your physical and emotional digestion.
  • Tackle your nutrition in a way that works for you – individually – so you’re always equipped to make self-supportive health choices, no matter the situation.

It was during a difficult time in her own life — following a divorce and the loss of her mother to dementia and diabetes — that the idea for HōL Healing began to form for Awad. She later launched the company with Jator Pierre, the company’s co-CEO, founder of the HōL Method, co-founder of HōL Healing/Holistic Lifestyle Systems, and a master Holistic Coach to CEOs and executives.

Top benefits and features of the HōL Method:

  • increased self-trust and self-sufficiency
  • reductions in anxiety, depression, and loneliness
  • increased vitality and capacity to thrive
  • lower body fat and higher immunity
  • much improved ability to navigate through emotional triggers
  • reduction in reactivity
  • improved capacity to respond to stress
  • self-healing of trauma
  • a material reduction in symptoms of chronic disease
  • increased mindfulness
  • reduction in structural dissociation
  • increased capacity for self-directed change

HōL Healing has launched an Indiegogo campaign, ( ), to spread awareness among consumers, the holistic health coaching and health industry, and potential investors about the company’s HōL Elevate program and premier holistic lifestyle coaching brand.


HōL Healing is a premier holistic lifestyle coaching brand that expresses itself in the full spectrum of a consumer’s life: work, relationship, health, community, and self-development.

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