Kickboxing Champion Hayward Brown Goes 10 Rounds with the Supplement Industry to Deliver All-natural Nutrition

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After Hayward’s professional kickboxing career ended he spent 25 years helping Marina Del Rey residents stay healthy, now he’s picking a fight with the big supplement industry.

Hayward Brown is the enigmatic founder and current operator of the Nutritional Supplements start-up Hay’s Naturals, which is based in Marina Del Rey and is dedicated to developing the world’s most pure & effective supplements available today.

Hayward has had a life-long obsession with fighting, health, personal development & nutrition. After 25 years of training his clients from Marina Del Rey, he has seen the industry grow exponentially. Hayward had his concerns with the quality of nutritional supplements that his clients found in their local supermarkets and online.

That’s when Hayward began his mission to learn everything about the supply chain, logistics, and business practices of the nutritional industry. Hayward built relationships in the industry and began working with recognized scientists and a board of medical advisors in the space. Hayward and his team have since embarked on a mission to cut out the extraneous substances from supplements to create more natural nutritional supplements.

Hayward states: “Our formulas do not contain wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal, or dairy products. None of our formulas contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.” Hay’s Naturals is formulated in an FDA-inspected facility with the best raw ingredients.

Hayward explains: “When it comes to raw materials, our highest priority is to search out the best raw materials based on quality, purity, and research. “Hay’s Naturals is processed in Florida at a GMP Certified Facility for consumption in the US market.” Hayward explains: “All finished products are tested for potency to verify label claim, ensuring the appropriate strength of every batch.”

Hayward feels that due to the mistakes of some large producers, he “hopes” that health enthusiasts do not lose touch with the “benefits of natural dietary supplements”.

Hay’s Naturals was recently launched and has since piloted the release of 15 natural products designed to help with a number of bodily functions. For more information, please visit or follow them on Instagram at @HaysNaturals

About Hay’s Naturals

Hay’s Naturals is a black-owned supplement company on a mission to transform the world of personal nutrition with their innovative lineup of medically-reviewed, naturally-formulated supplements. Hay’s helps their customers build healthier bodies and communities by extending the twenty-plus years of experience that founder Hayward Brown has earned as a trainer and professional athlete. For more information about Hay’s Naturals and their exciting lineup of nutritional supplements, please go to

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