Just Released – The Most Advanced Magnesium Product Developed in Collaboration with Functional Health Practitioners Around the County

SAN ANTONIO, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mother Earth Labs has just released the most advanced complete magnesium product in America. Magnesium ER is designed to help solidify sleep, control anxiety, and limit exhaustion by aiding your body in its normal regulatory functions. Magnesium is known to improve sleep through muscle relaxation and calming your mind, allowing your body to repair itself while it rests. If you struggle with anxiety and/or stress, magnesium helps your body to regulate its stress response system. High stress levels are linked to early death, lesser immune response, and weight gain. A magnesium depletion in your body can also lead to a feeling of exhaustion, even when you wake up first thing in the morning. Magnesium ER is designed to help your body recover and improve brain function and mood to resist a feeling of exhaustion that so many experience each and every day.

Magnesium is difficult to find in today’s diet. While magnesium is found in the soil and in mineral-rich water sources, that magnesium is usually stripped from both water and food sources through growth and treatment processes. This makes an all-around magnesium supplement like Magnesium ER necessary for proper rest, relaxation, and stress control. Even if you were able to integrate magnesium-rich foods into your diet, you would need to intake all seven forms of magnesium in order to regulate your body, making it difficult to eat a diet high in magnesium. That’s why you need a complete magnesium supplement like Magnesium ER. Mother Earth Labs has naturally integrated all seven forms of magnesium into their supplement to make it the perfect, all-around, and efficiently absorbed supplement. While many supplements are synthetically designed, Magnesium ER is all-natural and easily absorbed by the body for optimum performance.

Mother Earth Labs specializes in harnessing the power of nature to create easily absorbed and effective supplements to fulfill your everyday needs. Mother Earth Labs’ ingredients are backed by science, assuring you that they are the highest quality supplements on the market. In particular, Magnesium ER is designed for both long-release and quick-release functionality to satiate your body throughout the day, along with providing a quick response. This brand new product is perfect for everyone looking for improved rest, recovery, and stress control — providing each individual with the full-spectrum magnesium intake they need for optimum bodily functions. Try Magnesium ER risk-free today!

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