Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Physician Honored as a Healthcare Hero

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinite Health Integrative Medicine is proud to announce that Henry J. “Trip” Goolsby, III, MD, Infinite Health IMC’s Cofounder and CEO has been awarded as one of New Orleans City Business 2022 Healthcare Heroes.

According to New Orleans City Business, the practice of honoring Healthcare Heroes “started in 2007, [to honor] ‚Ķhealth care professionals in the New Orleans area in the following categories: first responders, nursing, physicians, professionals and volunteers. Honorees are selected based on industry achievement and community involvement.”

Dr. Goolsby and fellow Healthcare Heroes were celebrated on October 24, 2022 at the New Orleans Museum of Art. A special publication featuring each of the Honorees was published in the October 21, 22 issue of City Business

“I was completely surprised when I was notified that I had been selected. I am both honored and humbled by the recognition,” said Dr. Goolsby. 

For over thirty years Dr. Goolsby, a Board-Certified Medical Oncologist and Hematologist provided community-based cancer care in private practice. The results his patients received were better than most due to his conscientious delivery method and his mind-body coaching. It wasn’t until 2013 when Dr. Goolsby chose to transition out of oncology and into integrative and regenerative medicine. “There is a story to the how and why I chose to embrace a proactive and preventive approach to medicine, but suffice it to say, I only wish I had transitioned years before I actually did. The results my patients realize when they take a proactive, ownership interest in their health, is nothing short of transformational.”

For Dr. Goolsby, being a “Healthcare Hero” is all about helping the patient reach their goals, their “successful health image,” as he calls it. For the past five years, Dr. Goolsby has been commuting on a weekly basis between his Lake Charles and New Orleans offices to deliver quality patient-centric care. He has kept his doors open during Covid19, during staffing shortages, and during hurricanes and power-outages. His dedication to his patients is best summed up by one patient who had an amazing transformation of his own: “Dr. Goolsby is by far the best doctor/life coach that I have ever seen. He is more than my doctor, I consider him a good friend as well because of the huge positive impact he has made on all aspects of my life. His program is invaluable and certainly life changing.” Paul L. Johnson.

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