Integrating the Best from All Medical Disciplines and Fighting Medical Fascism – The Douglass Update Launches Fully Integrated Med-Sciences Education Platform

‘The Douglass Update on Integrative Medicine – Integrating the Best from All Medical Disciplines’

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla., Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gathering evidence-based information from the full spectrum of medical sciences, The Douglass Update (TDU) – –  is a new podcast and website devoted to exploring facts from a wide health field. Hosted by Dr. W. Campbell Douglass III, TDU will explore breaking health news along with best-practice medicine, offering concise narratives on specific health-related subjects along with interviews on relevant topics conducted with leading experts. The podcast is released weekly with complete access to archived material via TDU’s website.

Following a long family tradition of medicine that speaks truth to medical power, Dr. Douglass is a board-certified physician with over three decades of experience in integrative medicine, primary care, and emergency medicine.

“I think we’re at a critically important crossroads in the history of medicine,” said Dr. Douglass. “The freedom to incorporate the best from all medical disciplines has never been so important as it is now in the era of COVID-19, as the medical-industrial complex determines mainstream media programming and lashes out against those who do not follow in lockstep. Speaking out against this medical fascism that’s unfolding can be scary, but the time has come to call out the blatant authoritarian overreach by healthcare corporations and government agencies. TDU will cover this, and many other medical topics deemed too dangerous for industry-friendly doctors to speak about.”

TDU: A Mission of Medical Integration and Integrity

Seeking to update listeners on how best to combine the most crucial and salient facts from all medical disciplines while stressing the importance of guarding and keeping freedoms, the TDU podcasts are packaged into 15-20 minutes of intriguing and entertaining health information and news. The target audience for TDU is intelligent adults who are interested in health but who do not necessarily have backgrounds in science or healthcare.

“It’s for people who are looking for the truths about health and healing in a country overrun by industry and media corporatism (‘medical fascism’). And it’s time to test the virtue of telling the truth by heaving the societal gag rule that’s been imposed on us doctors,” said Dr. Douglass. “It’s time to declare that the emperor has no clothes; it’s time to call some folks to the carpet; it’s time to point to the elephant-in-the-room and the blatant encroachments on our healthcare freedoms.”

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About The Douglass Update (TDU)

Founded and hosted by Dr. W. Campbell Douglass (“Camp”), M.D., M.S., The Douglass Update is a comprehensive health education platform including a weekly podcast, dedicated website, newsletter, blog and bookstore, along with integrative medicine products and services. Dr. Camp Douglass holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nutrition from the University of Florida and Purdue University respectively, and his M.D. degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He is board-certified in Family Practice and has practiced medicine for over 30 years. Learn more about his work at:

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