InsideTracker Responds to Exponential Growth with Executive Hires in Science and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InsideTracker, the leading truly personalized performance and nutrition system, today announced the addition of Renee Deehan, PhD, vice president of science and artificial intelligence, and Roy Klein, vice president of engineering, to the company’s management team. Following a record-breaking 2021 and predicting the continued evolution of the personalized nutrition space, the company aims to expand its reputation for leveraging technology to deliver precise, science-backed nutrition and lifestyle protocols in a user-friendly way by adding key leadership experience in multiple AI-based approaches to modeling complex biomarker data and software development.

Prior to her role at InsideTracker, Deehan held several executive roles in the precision medicine space, including leading computational biology and translational informatics at QuartzBio and guiding biology and bioinformatics at PatientsLikeMe. She holds a PhD in molecular and cell biology from University of California, Berkeley and a BSE in bioengineering from University of Pennsylvania. A key responsibility at InsideTracker will be applying her computational biology expertise to architecting and mining the world’s largest dataset of blood, DNA, fitness tracker and phenotypic data from healthy people to further uncover keys to personalized human optimization.

"I’m pleased to be leading a science team at InsideTracker that is dedicated to thoroughly and systematically evaluating the complex body of literature around nutrition, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle factors, and, most importantly, turning it into actionable insights that anyone can use to optimize for health and longevity," said Deehan.

Klein previously served as head of development for the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Innovation Lab, where he oversaw distributed development teams to create engaging mobile experiences, and also held an executive role at Beeonics, leading the development of sophisticated mobile application ecosystems for business.

"After several years leading software development teams to create sticky mobile experiences and captivating consumer games, I’m inspired by InsideTracker’s mission to similarly compel people to engage with their own health data, bringing the same energy to encouraging the positive lifestyle habits that can truly impact lives," said Klein.

"As InsideTracker grows, it’s essential that we stay ahead of the growing predictive technology demands of the personalized wellness space by growing our leadership expertise in areas vital to our business, like bioinformatics, AI and creating the best end-user experience possible," said Rony Sellam, CEO, InsideTracker. "We’re eager to see the positive impact Renee and Roy have on helping us make emerging research accessible and actionable for our users."

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Founded in 2009 by top scientists from acclaimed universities in the fields of aging, genetics and biology, InsideTracker is a truly personalized nutrition and performance system. InsideTracker’s mission is to help people add years to their lives and life to their years by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. By analyzing the body’s data from blood, DNA and fitness trackers, InsideTracker gives a crystal clear picture of what’s going on inside, along with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. Read our peer-reviewed papers in Scientific Reports and Current Developments in Nutrition.

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